10 Best Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval In 2023

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Best Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval: Hey newbie blogger, how’s doing? I hope you all are fit & fine.

So, finally, you decided to start your blogging journey, I must say, it’s a smart move.

But, now you are stuck on which is the best blogger theme for Adsense approval? am i right?

Don’t worry, because you are landing on the perfect page, where you will get some of the best SEO-friendly blogger templates for free of cost.


The first & most important step in blogging is choosing a responsive template for your blog.

If you do not approach this step carefully, then it will harm your blog in various manners.

Therefore, to help you out of this we are uncovering here some of the best & free blogger templates.

I know, now you are going to be curious to know these best SEO-friendly blogger templates.

So, without running too much time, let’s start it.

What Is AdSense-friendly blogger templates?

The AdSense friendly or SEO friendly templates mean the themes which should help you to get AdSense approval & also will help you to boost your SEO score.

Your blog thems play a very vital role in terms of website SEO as well as Adsense approval.

Most of the time AdSense rejects your application due to an unprofessional blog theme.

Therefore, if you want to run an ad on your website then you have to pick an AdSense-friendly template.

Best Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval:

Here are some of the best blogger templates for quick Adsense approval,

1. LITESPOT: Fastest Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Litespot is one of the most professional blogger templates, which will give the best ever user interface to your readers.

The best part about this amazing blogger theme is its customization.

I must say, this theme is fully customized as per SEO requirements, also its loading speed is up to the mark in terms of SEO.

Some of the key features of LiteSpot blogger template:

  • SEO booster blogger template
  • Fastest blogger template
  • Premium blogger template for free
  • Best blogger template for Adsense

2. RAZER: SEO Friendly Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Razer is one of the very simple & clean themes, which will definitely give a visual treat to your users.

You can customize this theme easily as per your requirement with zero coding knowledge, this is one of the key advantages of this template.

This theme is most suitable for any blog category or niche.

Some of the highlights of Razer:

  • Responsive blogger template
  • Ads ready blogger template
  • SEO optimized blogger template

3. FASTIFY: SEO Boost Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Fastify is the next-level blogger template, which is filled with full of advanced features & customization options.

You can easily boost your blog SEO by optimizing this eye-catching & classy blogger template.

Fastify template is ideal for health & fitness, news, entertainment & online store.

Some amazing facts about Fastify:

  • Best SEO friendly theme for blogger
  • Free customizable blogger template
  • Best blogger theme for Adsense approval
  • Fastest blogger template

4. SIMPLE: Best Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval


Live Demo | Download

The Simple blogger template is perfectly designed for newbie bloggers, due to its user-friendly & super simple interface.

With the help of this theme, you can easily start your new blog without any hesitation.

This type of blogger template is a perfect match for travel, food, nature & any of the similar kinds of niches.

Some of the key elements of Simple blogger template:

  • Professional blogger template
  • Adsense responsive blogger template free
  • Best SEO friendly blogger template

5. ONEPRESS: Free Premium Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

I must say, by applying the Onepress theme, you can get all the premium quality features free of cost on your blog.

Onepress is a highly professional blogger template, which is best suitable for quotes, technology, biography & much other similar stuff.

So, for starting your journey in blogging Onepress theme is always a comprehensive choice.

Some of the key highlights of Onepress blogger template:

  • Fully responsive blogger template
  • Professional blogger template free
  • Free premium blogger template
  • SEO boost blogger template

6. SEOPRO: Free Customizable Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

As per the name SEOPRO, this theme includes some of the pro-level features, which will indirectly help you to increase your site SEO.

This template actually fulfills all the SEO-related requirements in your website with its advanced features & customization facilities.

SEOPRO is one of the best templates for every niche blogger who wants to do blogging like a pro.

Some of the key features of SEOPRO blogger template:

  • Fastest blogger template
  • Fully SEO optimized template
  • Best SEO friendly theme for blogger
  • Free blogger theme for Adsense

7. SEOIFY: Free Responsive Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

SEOIFY blogger template is the fastest & mobile-friendly theme, which has a large variety of customization features.

If you want to make a professional blog then applying this theme to your blog is not a bad choice ever.

This theme can ultimately help you to serve the best ever user experience to all your readers.

Some of the best things about SEOIFY blogger template:

  • Professional blogger template free
  • Best blogger theme for Adsense approval
  • Free customizable blogger template
  • Free premium blogger template

8. SUPERMAG: Professional Blogger Template Free


Live Demo | Download

If you are an online entrepreneur or want to build your online business then Supermag is the best theme for your blog.

This theme is specially designed & customized for freelancers, corporate, portfolio blog websites & event blogging.

Supermag includes some of the best customization options, that’s why this theme is highly known as the Seo boost blogger template

Some of the key elements of Supermag blogger template:

  • Highly responsive theme
  • Super attractive blogger template
  • SEO friendly blogger template

9. GNEWS: Best Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval


Live Demo | Download

Gnews is the one-stop destination for those bloggers, who likes to write their blog like a magazine.

These blogger templates designed their header & footer parts so amazingly & professionally.

That is the main reason why this theme can successfully grab the attention of more & more end users.

Some of the key benefits of Gnews blogger template:

  • Free customizable blogger template
  • Free premium blogger template
  • Free responsive blogger template

10. Freebify: SEO Friendly Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Freebify blogger template is one of the most simple & easy to customize professional blogger templates.

You can be designed your dream blog very quickly, with the help of this clean & responsive blogger template.

If you customized these themes smartly, then it will give a far better look to your blog than any other premium blogger template.

Some of the main highlights of Freebify blogger template:

  • Best blogger theme for Adsense approval
  • Best SEO friendly blogger template
  • Professional blogger templates free
  • SEO boost blogger template

FAQs About Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

Is Blogger SEO Friendly?

Blogger is the official platform served by Google, that is the main reason why it is fully optimized as per SEO requirements.
This platform is best & easy to use for newbie bloggers, who just started their blogging journey.
In short, blogger is the best platform to increase your SEO score in search engines.

Which template is best for bloggers?

All the above-mentioned blogging templates are the best out of the best to start your blogging journey.
You can select anyone out of them as per your requirement or as per your niche.

What is a responsive blogger template?

Responsive blogger template means, the theme of your website which can be suitable for all the devices like mobiles, laptops & tab.
This kind of template automatically changes its layout as per your user’s devices, to give them the best-ever user experience.
To increase your website’s search engine ranking, responsive templates play a very crucial role.

What is the AMP blogger template?

This type of blogger template is highly optimized & designed for mobile devices.
AMP (accelerated mobile pages) theme boosts your page loading speed very quickly.
With the AMP theme, your user can find their desired information in a double-quick time.
All the above-mentioned themes are highly suitable for this modern feature.

Final Sum-up:

There is no doubt at all that, themes or templates are the real souls of your blog, therefore always choose them very carefully.

Blog theme is the first center of attraction for users, so always pick the best out of the best for it.

As I promised earlier, to help you out of it we are tried to uncover some of the best SEO-friendly blogger templates above.

All these blogger templates are free & the best blogger theme for Adsense approval.

So, I hope you will choose one of them as per your requirement to start your money-making blog.

Still, if you are stuck on any of the above points, feel free to ask in the below comment box section.

Also, kindly share the above information with all your blogger friends, to help them.

We, Will, meet you in the next amazing article, till then keep hustling & Be Smart, Be Digital!

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