How to Write a Perfect & Effective Blog Description (with Examples)

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There are several ranking factors considered by Google while showing your website on top search results.

But do you know out of all of these, blog description is one of the most important ranking factors.

Yes, you read it right because when any user types their query on Google, that time firstly the description appears in front of them next to the title.

So, on the basis of that description, they make their decision about a visit to the website or scrolling down on new results.


Therefore, if you want to increase your website CTR (clickthrough rate) then you have to write an effective blog description.

Many of the newbie bloggers ignore that crucial ranking factor & that is the reason why their website never comes in top search results.

So, if you want to increase your website’s CTR & traffic by writing catchy blog descriptions then the below guide is very helpful for you.

Because in this blog, I’m going to tell you some proven tips on how to write a perfect blog description.

So, without any further delay, Let’s jump straight into it.

What Is Blog Description?

Blog description is all about short summary of your entire blog. In terms of SEO, it is also called the meta description.

It is the piece of relevant content that appears below the link of your website in Google SERP.

It turns out very helpful information for visitors to make or break their decision.

For better understanding, please refer below screenshot,


Why Custom Blog Description Is Important?

Custom blog description helps users to analyze your website.

With the help of a good blog description, users can easily understand what your site is exactly about.

Generally, when anyone searches on Google about their query, that time Google shows tonnes of relevant results to them.

Then, on the basis of blog description only that users decide whether that site helps them or not.

In short, a custom blog description not just helps your site to increase SERP ranking but also boosts the CTR of your site.

Here are some quick benefits of blog description:

  • It increases the organic CTR of your site
  • Users understand your website in a short period of time
  • It helps to boost the branding of your site
  • Gives the reason to users why should they visit your website
  • It Improves the SEO score of your sites

Types Of Blog Descriptions:

There are two types of descriptions for a blog,

1) Blog Description:

It is the description of your whole blog content which appears under your blog’s homepage link in SERP.

Where you need to share a piece of information about your entire website in specific & catchy words.

2) Blog Post Description:

It is the description of your blog post which appears under your blog post link in SERP.

Where you need to share a piece of information about your entire blog post in specific & catchy words.

This description must be different for each & every blog post.

How to write an Effective blog description in WordPress?

As we all know, WordPress makes our blogging journey quite smoother.

Similarly, it is quite easy to add blog descriptions with WordPress.

In WordPress there are two best SEO plugins that can help you to do this activity, one is Yoast SEO & another is RankMath SEO.

You can use anyone one of them according to your choice.

Let me show you how you can add custom blog descriptions with WordPress SEO plugins.

1. In Yoast SEO:

  • Firstly, open your WordPress dashboard
  • Then, click on “Yoast SEO” under that click on “Title & Meta”
  • After that, click on the “Homepage” tab
  • Now, in the “Meta Description” field, you can add the effective blog description of your website.

2. In Rank Math:

The process is quite similar to Yoast SEO,

  • Firstly, open your WordPress dashboard
  • Then, click on “Rank Math” under that click on “Title & Meta”
  • After that, click on the “Homepage” tab
  • Now, in the ” Homepage Meta Description” field, you can add the perfect blog description of your website.

So, I think now the concept is clear about how you can add meta descriptions of your site using RankMath & Yoast SEO plugins.

How to add a Blog description to a blogger?

If you are working on a blogger platform, then follow the below steps to add a meta description of your site:

  • Firstly, open your Blogger (Blogspot) dashboard
  • Then, click on the “Setting” option, which appears on the left side of your screen
  • Then, under “Setting” you will get the “Search Preferences” option, simply click on it
  • Now, in the Description field, you can add a customized description of your blog.
Note: Just above the description field, you will get an "enable search description" option. You need to turn it ON, to show your blog description in SERP.

Tips to create effective blog description:

If you want to drive a targeted audience to your website then you need to write a perfect blog description for it.

By reading that description user can’t scroll down your site in SERP.

Here are some proven tips for writing a click-worthy blog description:

  • Include the USP of your website
  • Add your niche-oriented main & LSI keywords
  • Include author name with their expertise
  • Keep it in between 155-160 words
  • Start description with power words like best, proven, trusted, learn how-to, etc.
  • Use the attention-grabbing & catchy words
  • Present your blog as a brand
  • Include the information about what users can get from your blog
  • Add call-to-action lines or words, so users can’t resist clicking on your site.

Some Examples Of Blog Description:

Here are some blog description examples from various niches, which will help you to get an idea about how to write an effective blog description for your website.

Example #1: ShoutMeLoud


What’s good about it? they clearly showcase what is the USP of their blog.

Example #2: Expert Vagabond


What’s good about it? they include their blog’s author name & expertise

Example #3: Finology


What’s good about it? they use some call to action words very smartly

Example #4: Pinch Of Yum


What’s good about it? they showcase their expertise with some attention-grabbing words.

Example #5: Wealthy Gorilla


What’s good about it? they portrait their blog as a brand by including lines like “one of the biggest”

Example #6: Born Fitness


What’s good about it? they showcase their blog as one of the trustworthy websites by including the power word like “trusted source”

Example #7: Pets World


What’s good about it? they clearly mention, which service their website offers to their users.

If you see all the above blog description examples carefully, then you will notice that all of them are showcasing their expertise very clearly.

Anyone can understand what they can get from this blog by reading their blog description.

What is a blog post description?

Blog post description is a summary of your entire blog post, which appears under your blogpost heading in the SERP.

Similar to blog description, blog post description helps users to understand what they can get from this particular article.

A perfect blog post description also helps you to boost your site CTR & organic traffic at the same time.

In short, blog post description is equally important as blog description, if you want to get more organic views on your site.

Tips to create an effective Blog Post Description?

Here are some proven tips to create an effective blog post description, which I personally follow to boost my CTR score:

  • Must include the focus keyword with some power words
  • Keep description under 160 words
  • Avoid keywords stuffing only
  • It should be relevant to your blog content
  • Must add LSI keywords
  • Keep it simple & unique
  • Include CTA (call to action) words for better results

Blog Post description examples:

To make things easier for you, here are some blog post description examples, which help you to understand how to optimize your post meta description to reach maximum results.

Example #1: The Meisle
Example #2: Smart Passive Income
Example #3: Word Stream

FAQ’s About Blog Description:

Do meta descriptions matter?

The one-line answer for this question is, it matters a lot in terms of SEO.
Perfect blog or blog post meta description helps you to reach more engagement on your website.

What is a good blog description?

If you follow the above-mentioned tips while writing a blog description, it may automatically makes it a good & effective blog description.

Do people read meta descriptions?

Yes, of course. A meta description is the first source of interaction for your blog with every user.
It helps users to make their decision about your blog that is, whether to open it or to scroll down.

Final Thoughts:

I think now how to write an effective blog description or blog post descriptions this kind of question may not trouble you.

Because with the help of the above guide you can easily concur this issue.

Still, if you are stuck at any point, feel free to ask in the below comment box section.

Also, do one more favor, please share this post with all your known ones, it will definitely help many of the newbie bloggers.

Because sharing is a real caring in today’s digital era!!!

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