Free High DA Blog Commenting Sites List for 2023 [With DA]

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Hey, are you looking for one of the easiest & effective ways for building high-quality backlinks for your website?

If yes, then this guide is for you. Because, here we are going to uncover the list of some high da blog commenting sites, which will surely help you to build some quality links for your website.


Blog commenting is still one of the best & effective off-page SEO techniques for building backlinks.

Building quality backlinks for a website is such a challenging task for every newbie blogger, but blog commenting techniques make that task quite easier.

What Is Blog Commenting Sites In SEO?

Blog commenting sites is nothing but a website where you can share your thoughts or review on the basis of their site content.

It is a simple & effective way to interact with any other bloggers in your community.

Blog commenting not just helps you to build relationships with other bloggers but also helps you to boost your website’s SEO score.

How Does Blog Commenting Works In SEO?

Blog commenting is not any rocket science technique, it works on a very simple principle like as you all post a comment on any other social platform.

In blog commenting, you just need to read any online article carefully & submit your opinion as well as a website link in their comment box section on the basis of their content.

When the blog owner or moderator approves your comment, it will appear in their comment section.

Once they approve your comment you will get a backlink for your website.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective?

There is no doubt at all that, blog commenting is still an effective way for building a high-quality backlink for your website.

That is the reason why every pro blogger recommends this off-page SEO technique to every newbie blogger.

In the early era of blogging, blog commenting is the only way known for every blogger for generating quality backlinks for their website.

But, as time passes there are tonnes of ways available for building a backlink for the website.

Still, out of all creating a backlink with the help of a high da blog commenting sites list is quite easier & the same time effective one.

Benefits Of Blog Commenting:

There are several benefits you will get with the help of blog commenting techniques, which let’s discuss one by one below:

For Building An Community:

The biggest benefit of a blog commenting technique is, that it helps you to build a community according to your niche.

Because, when you submit a comment in the relevant blog category plenty of other bloggers interact with you on the basis of that comment.

Therefore, always post a comment on the relevant blog only for better exposure.

Interaction With Industry Experts:

With the help of the below high da blog commenting site list, you will get a chance to interact with some expert bloggers.

Because with the help of blog commenting you can raise your query or thoughts in their comment section.

If they found your query is genuine then they will be more than happy to help you.

In short, blog commenting helps you to build strong relationships with other bloggers.

Creating A High-Quality Backlink:

Now, it’s time to talk about one of the major benefits of high da blog commenting sites & that is, they help you to build quality backlinks for your website.

Blog commenting is nothing but an opportunity for you to create a backlink for your website with the help of relevant comments.

Getting Traffic:

As we told you earlier, blog commenting sites will help you to build a community according to your niche.

When you build a strong community around any particular niche, you automatically generate a traffic source for your website.

Increase Website DA:

When any moderator approves your blog comment on their website that time they give a signal to Google boats that, crawl & pass a link juice to their blog also.

When any website gives such kind of signal to search engine boats that time it helps other users to increase their website’s domain authority & page authority in terms of SEO.

Proven Steps To Write A Effective Blog Comment:

Here are some proven tips for writing an effective blog comments:

Create A Account On Gravatar:

Creating a profile on the Gravatar platform is one of the necessary steps in blog commenting techniques for instant approval.

This platform helps you to show your profile image in the comment section, which indirectly boosts the approval chances of your comment.

Choose A Blog Post Related To Your Niche:

If you want to get maximum output in terms of SEO from blog commenting sites then always choose a blog as similar to your niche.

This activity helps you to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Also, it helps you to build a community around your niche & to interact with industry experts.

Read Article Carefully Before Posting A Comment:

Don’t just post a random comment, it will not be approved by any moderator.

If you want to utilize the benefits of high da blog commenting sites, then first read their article carefully & on the basis of their content submit an appropriate comment with a minimum of 100 words.

Ask A Questions In the Comment Section:

One of the best ways to get instant approval on your comment is, to ask a relevant question in the comment box section.

It not just helps you for instant comment approval but also to interact with the blog authors.

Make Sure Blog DA Is More Than 30:

Before directly posting a comment on any blog always make sure that the blog domain authority should be more than 30 for better results.

All the below high da blog commenting sites have a da more than 30, therefore you can use them to grow your website’s SEO ranking.

Submit A Comment With Real Details:

Always submit a comment with real details like a profile image, name & other identity details.

Otherwise, the moderator will consider your comment as spam & they will never approve your comment.

List Of High DA Blog Commenting Sites:

Here is the category wise list of all high authority blog commenting sites,

Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Tech. blogs commenting Sites:

Here is the list of high da blog commenting sites,

Copyblogger – DA 79

Yoast SEO Blog – DA 83

SmartPassiveIncome: DA 63

Backlinko – DA 67

Neilpatel – DA 75

QuickSprout – DA 73

ShoutMeLoud – DA 68 DA 44

GotchSeo – DA 42

BloggerIdeas: DA 47

Elegant Themes Blog – DA 61

Problogger – DA 61

AdvanceWebRanking – DA 61

BloggingTips – DA 60

MasterBlogging Blog: DA 46

Authority Hacker: DA 49 DA 43

Yaro Blog: DA 50

BloggingX Blog: DA 36

Inspire to Thrive: DA 39

SmartBlogger – DA 53

Bloggerspassion – DA 51

AllBloggingTips – DA 49

SuccessfulBlogging – DA 46 DA 54

TroubleFixers – DA 48

OnlineTechTips: DA 73

HubsAdda – DA 47

ShoutMeTech – DA 46

Techcopes – DA 76

TechTricksWorld: DA 43

OnlineTechTips – DA 64

TechLast – DA 44

ITechCode: DA 38

Trak: DA 64

AllTechBuzz: DA 58

TechWalls: DA 57

CallingAllGeeks: DA 41

Health blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da health blog commenting sites,

100DaysofRealFood – DA 61

YogaWorks: DA 61

HiveHealthMedia   – DA 56

HealthResource4u – DA 54

Fit Bottomed Girls: DA 61

AggiesKitchen – DA 51

HealthBeckon – DA 51

Diabetes Strong: DA 52

FitnessVsWeightLoss – DA 50

TheMasterCleanse – DA 49

WeightLossTriumph – DA 43

Travel blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da travel blog commenting sites,

BoardingArea – DA 74

GloabalGrasshopper – DA 52

DangerousBuisness – DA 49

ShaluSharma – DA 49

VelvetEscape – DA 49

TravelDiaryParnashree: DA 35

InspiringTravellers – DA 46

TheShootingStar – DA 45

LakshmiSharat – DA 41

SidTheWanderer – DA 40

Lifestyle blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da lifestyle blog commenting sites,

Aha-Now – DA 44

Wit & Delight: DA 52

EverythingMom – DA 42

Naina  – DA 33

AkanshRedhu – DA 30

PurseBlog: DA 69

Purushu – DA 26

DashofWellness: DA 33

SweetStyleBlog  – DA 29

VanityNoApologies – DA 28 DA 57

LookingGoodFeelingFab – DA 22

Finance blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da finance blog commenting sites,

MoneySavingMom – DA 73

OneCentAtATime – DA 51

Finology: DA 34

ManvsDebt: DA 56

SavingAdvice – DA 64

SeedTime: DA 58

ChristianPf – DA 61

ModestMoney – DA 54

ManvsDebt – DA 52

Making Sense of Cents: DA 57

FinancialHighway – DA 48

OneMint – DA 47

SafalNiveshak – DA 45

Education blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da education blog commenting sites,

EHS – DA 95

Penne – DA 92

My Slc – DA 62

OSU – DA 89

Ausis – DA 39

IESE Blog Network: DA 70

IESE – DA 73

UWW  – DA 72

Smart Bitches Trashy Book: DA 60

The Book Smugglers: DA 56

Modern Mrs Darcy: DA 55 DA 46

Michigan State University masthead graphic – DA 88

Runcie Lab at UC Davis – DA 86

Writing wise – DA 91

My Carthage– DA 64

Food blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da food blog commenting sites,

100daysofrealfood – DA 72

Balancedbites – DA 61

Appforhealth – DA 54

Love and Lemons: 64

Cookie and Kate: 72

Minimalist Baker: 79

Smitten Kitchen: 80

Closet Cooking: 71

Damn Delicious: 72

Choosingraw– DA 52

Aroundtheplate – DA 52

Anutritionisteats – DA 34

Bentolunch – DA 33

Cybelepascal – DA 32

Diabeticmediterraneandiet– DA 28

Budget Bytes: 69

Fashion blog commenting sites:

Here is the list of high da fashion blog commenting sites,

Thatelegantchic: DA 12

Live Laugh Dressup: DA 15

Everylilthings: DA 20

Fashionmate: DA 27

Fashion Bombay: DA 23

Selestyme: DA 18

Glamshutte: DA 56

Styleovercoffee: DA 15

Shaniya’s: DA 20

FAQ’s About Free Blog Commenting Sites List:

How do I find blogs to comment on?

You just need to open your search browser & type your niche name, then you will get tonnes of results according to your niche.
Just check their DA & spam score before submitting a comment on their blogs.

Do comments help Google ranking?

The honest answer to this question is ‘Yes’.
If you get a do-follow backlink from blog commenting then it will help you to increase your site’s da, which indirectly helps you to boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Which type of backlinks we will get from blog commenting sites?

It completely depends upon the moderator or blog owner, which type of backlinks they want to give their commenters or users.
There are only two types of backlinks you can get from the free blog commenting sites list, one is do-follow & another is no-follow.

Final Thoughts:

Many newbie bloggers think that blog commenting is not worth it in this modern blogging era.

But let me tell you honestly, submitting a link to high da blog commenting sites is the evergreen & easiest way for creating high-quality backlinks for your website.

So, to make things easier for you we are providing the ultimate list of high da blog commenting sites list in the above guide.

I hope this free blog commenting sites list will help you in link building for your site.

Still, if you are stuck on any above points, feel free to raise your query in below comment box section.

Also, share this valuable high da blog commenting sites list with all your known ones, because sharing is the real caring in today’s modern era!

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