About Us

Hey Guys,

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Swapnil Patil. I am Engineer by profession but the very passionate Digital Marketer & Blogger by choice. My main motive is to help maximum peoples, who are searching for financial freedom in their life with the help of online marketing.

Diggi-Swapp is one of my dream projects, where you can find tones of proven & tested information, tips & tricks regarding Blogging, Seo, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online etc. Diggi-Swapp will definitely help you all to know about all new opportunities in today’s Digital World.

When I’m started my Digital journey, there is no one around me, who will guide me to reach a success track. I worked very hard on these days that’s why, I know very well what is the importance of Good Mentor in our life, especially whenever we started any new journey.

Therefore, I’m decided to build a platform for every newbies & learner, where they can find the solution of their every query regarding Digital Marketing, Blogging & any other online Money Making stuff.

So, after many of research, I have launched a platform called Diggi-Swapp, that’s why as earlier I’m mentioned that Diggi-Swapp is my Dream project.

In this blog, you will get all the quality stuff, which is required for every newbie & learner to make their online journey brighter and brighter.

Thanks for spending your valuable time on this page & Good luck for your Digital journey.

Your New Friend,

Swapnil Patil