Step By Step Guide On Affiliate Marketing With Instagram (Proven Strategy-2023)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 10:12 pm

Affiliate marketing with Instagram, sounds cool, isn’t it?

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms in today’s era. Millions of peoples are active on Instagram worldwide today.

So, why don’t you use it for your personal growth or to generate some money?

Yes, you read it right. You can earn massive money from Instagram by various methods.


So, today we are talking about one of the most successful methods for money making through Instagram & that is “Affiliate Marketing”.

You won’t believe, that you can earn money beyond your expectation by doing affiliate marketing with Instagram.

I know, after reading the above paragraph, you are going to excited to know the answer of how it will happen?

Don’t worry, because today you will get here the complete roadmap on how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram.

So, without wasting much more time let’s understand it step by step.

Decide A Niche For Affiliate Marketing:

For doing affiliate marketing through any platform, the first & most important step is selecting a niche or topic.

In the language of Instagram, you can say, for doing affiliate marketing, firstly you need to select a niche for your Insta page.

Must select a topic according to your interest, because you need to post on them for a longer period of time to attract more users.

Best Instagram Pages For Affiliate Marketing:

I know, deciding on a niche for the Instagram page is quite a tougher task.

But, to make them easier for you, we are providing some of the most profitable Instagram page ideas for affiliate marketing.

Stock Market:

Starting an Instagram page on the stock market is always a great move for a beginner affiliate marketer.

Because there you can refer plenty of stock market platforms to your followers by uploading various content.

And when they signup to this platform through your link, you can earn your affiliate commission, as simple as that.


This type of Instagram page always gets a high conversion rate as compared to any other affiliate program.

Also, this type of Instagram page goes viral very quickly, which means you can get decent traffic in a shorter period of time.

So, start affiliate marketing with Instagram’s pet page is not a bad choice ever.


Under this topic, you can promote tonnes of products, which is we used in our daily lifestyle.

As like, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, watches & many more.

Also, in this type of Instagram page, you can easily build a large number of followers list.


Nowadays most of the parents purchase various products online for their babies.

So, by starting a baby care Instagram page, you can promote various baby products through your page.

The major advantage of starting this kind of Instagram page is, you can get huge visitors on your pages in a very few days.


You can sell a wide range of e-books, dating courses & much more under this Instagram page.

These kinds of pages always make a unique space in people’s hearts.

That is the reason why this kind of Instagram page always gets a large number of very loyal users or you can say, followers.

Create A Perfect Instagram Profile For Affiliate Marketing:

For doing Affiliate marketing with Instagram, your profile plays a very vital role.

Therefore, must set your profile very smartly & creatively to grab the attention of more & more peoples.

Pick A Unique Username:

Your username is the only way to find your profile on Instagram.

So, make sure that it will be simple, unique & catchy. Also, try to pick an Instagram username according to your niche.

Username is one of the key factors to rank on Instagram’s search results.

One more thing, never include any special character in your Instagram username, it will affect your search ranking.

Set A Best Bio:

Generally, bio means you need to write a quick & short overview regarding your page.

In Instagram, your profile bio has its own importance in various manners.

So, as an affiliate marketer always set your Instagram bio attractive & professional. It will help you to improve the authority of your page.

Also, must try to include some of the fancy emojis in your Instagram bio with attention-grabbing words.

Without a website or landing page, you can’t do affiliate marketing on Instagram.

If you have your own website to promote various affiliate products then must include their link in your Instagram bio.

It will indirectly help you to build the trust factor of your insta page.

In case, if you don’t have a website then must create a landing page according to your niche & paste their link in your page bio.

Adding a link to your profile is a necessary thing for an Instagram affiliate marketer.

Join Relevant Affiliate Program:

After setting all necessary profile details, your next task is choosing appropriate affiliate programs according to your page.

Basically, there are a large number of affiliate programs available in today’s online world to promote but, very few of them are worth it.

Best Affiliate Programs For Instagram:

So, to make your affiliate marketing journey easier on Instagram, we found some best Instagram affiliate marketing programs for you.

Digistore 24:

The best thing about this affiliate program is, this is a quick approval affiliate program.

Due to its wide range of product availability, this kind of program is best for Instagram affiliate marketing.

Also, digistore24 has a very clean & simple user interface, which is perfect for every beginner.

Commission Junction:

If you want to earn for a longer period of time by selling just a single product through your affiliate link then this program is best for you.

Because, in this affiliate program, you can find most of the recurring commission-based products to promote in front of your audience.

So, being an Instagram affiliate marketer must check out these amazing affiliate program once.


This is one of the oldest affiliate programs, which has a large number of quality product lists.

The key factor of promoting the jvzoo product is, it is a worldwide marketplace therefore you can do affiliate marketing globally by joining this program.


The popularity of Amazon is not hidden from anyone nowadays. It is a one-stop marketplace to get all the daily routine products.

By choosing this affiliate network you can promote thousands of quality products for doing affiliate marketing through Instagram.

The majority of Instagram pages are promoting amazon’s products to earn their affiliate commission.


Clickbank is also one of the largest marketplaces in the world, day by day their quality products list increases very rapidly.

Due to one of the largest marketplace, people never hesitate to purchase a product from them.

So, by utilizing this you can earn massive money by promoting their products on your Instagram page.

Post A Relevant Content:

Content is always a key factor to reach more & more people on any of the social platforms.

Therefore, when you provide more value to your users through your content, it will indirectly help you to reach more end users.

When you reach more users through your content, it will ultimately help you to earn more by doing affiliate marketing with Instagram.

So, understand the working cycle of the Instagram page & post relevant content at a regular interval of time.

Must Use All Features Of Instagram:

Instagram, is updating its features regularly to give the best ever user experience to its audience.

So, by using all their features you can easily get more engagement on your insta page.

For getting more engagement on your page must post 4 images, 2 reels & 1 igtv per week.

Also, must go live once a month through your Instagram page for connecting more & more audience.

Remember, for doing affiliate marketing on Instagram, user engagement is more important.

Because more engagement will automatically help you to boost your affiliate sales.

Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtag strategy works very well on Instagram.

So if you want to use Instagram for affiliate marketing then don’t forget to use relevant hashtags in your every post.

Basically, Instagram allows you to include a maximum of 30 hashtags in your post, but using 25 hashtags is enough to get desired results.

frequently asked questions for affiliate marketing with Instagram:

How do i add affiliate links on Instagram?

To add affiliate links on your Instagram page there are two ways, one you can share it in your profile bio & another is you can add a link in your story.
But, to add affiliate links to the Instagram story you must complete the 10k follower’s milestone firstly.

How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

Honestly, when you do affiliate marketing on Instagram platform that time your follower count doesn’t really matter.
You can do affiliate marketing through Instagram with zero followers.
Because in affiliate marketing you need to drive traffic on your affiliate links rather than increasing the number of followers.

Is Instagram good for affiliate marketing?

Instagram is not just a good platform, it is a far better platform for doing affiliate marketing & to earn money from it.
Day by day, the active users count increases very rapidly on this high population platform.
So, by utilizing this population you can easily do affiliate marketing through Instagram.

Who is the highest-paid instagramer?

According to various social media sources, Dwayne Johnson is the highest-paid Instagrammer in the world.
Dwayne Johnson is well known to the world with the name of The Rock, he charges approx $1,015,000 USD per post.

Final Sum-up:

Basically, there are a lot of ways to monetize your Instagram page but the best one is affiliate marketing.

That is the reason why we tried to uncover here all the basics which can help you for doing affiliate marketing with Instagram.

I hope this guide will definitely help you to earn money from Instagram.

Still, if you stuck in any of the above steps, don’t be feel shy to ask in the below comment box section.

We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends & family, it will help us to stay focused on our goal of educating society!!!

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