Ultimate Guide On Auto Blogging: Does It Actually Works In 2023?

Last updated on August 1st, 2023 at 07:39 pm

Imagine, if someone is doing work on behalf of you without charging you a single penny & at the end of the day you will get the benefits of that work, it won’t be a great thing?

Similarly, these things can happen in the field of blogging with the help of auto blogging techniques.

Yes, you read it right, auto blogging can help you to do blogging in autopilot mode.


So, if you want to earn money online but don’t have enough time to invest then auto blogging will help you to earn some decent online money.

But, as we all know every coin has two sides similarly auto blogging has its pros & cons.

Therefore, in this guide, we are going to clear all your doubts regarding what is auto blogging, how it works, how to implement it & many more.

So, without much more delay let’s get started.

What Is Auto Blogging?

As the name suggests, auto-blogging is the process where you can run your website on autopilot mode.

This means, your website will publish a piece of content at a regular period of time automatically with the help of an RSS feed.

It is a completely automatic process, where your website is capable to post content without using your writing skills.

Auto blogging is not a new technique, it is invented in the year 2000.

How Does Auto Blogging work?

Auto blogging works on a very simple principle, it gathers data from various online websites & then posts it on your website.

Basically, in this process, the software collects data from various online sources with the help of an RSS feed & then publishes it on your site.

Auto blogging with a blogger platform is quite difficult to do as compared to auto blogging with a WordPress platform.

Because in the WordPress platform there are various auto blogging plugins available to make things easier for you.

Therefore, we always recommend that, if you want to do auto blogging then must go with the WordPress platform.

Why Auto Blogging With Blogger Platform Is Not a Great Deal?

Here are two major reasons why you should not do auto blogging with a blogger platform:

1) If someone gives a copyright strike to your website, then there are high chances that Google can delete your blog due to the blogger being Google’s platform

2) For auto blogging there are not sufficient features available on this platform.

I think these two reasons are enough to understand why I said earlier that, auto-blogging with a blogger platform is not a great deal.

On the other hand in the WordPress platform, there are several auto blogging plugins available to make things easier for you.

So, let’s check out below some of the best WordPress plugins for auto blogging.

Best WordPress Plugins For Auto Blogging:

Here are some most effective plugins for your auto blogging journey with the WordPress platform:

WP Robot Autoblog Plugin:

WP Robot Autoblog plugin is highly popular for auto blogging, this plugin is almost best suited for every type of WordPress theme.


This plugin allows you to find the content according to your blog niche or keywords.

The best part about these auto blogging WordPress plugins is, that they can automatically insert your affiliate links from Amazon, eBay & many other affiliate sources into your post.

In short, by using these amazing auto blogging plugins you can actually earn money in an autopilot mode.

Feedzy RSS Feeds:

Feedzy RSS Feeds is another great auto blogging plugin, which helps you to do auto blogging at the next level.


With the help of this plugin, you can easily exchange another website’s affiliate link with your affiliate link.

This plugin is available in both free & premium versions.

If you really want to create a money-making auto blog then the premium version is the best for you.

Because this plugin not just helps you to gather content from multiple websites but also helps you to make this content unique by rewriting them.

WP RSS Aggregator:

If you are a complete beginner then I must say WP RSS Aggregator is one of the best auto-blogging plugins for you.


Because it is super simple to use, you can easily customize your blog content with the help of these amazing auto blogging plugins.

This plugin helps you to display blog posts by gathering content from multiple feed sources.

Apart from this, with the help of this auto blogging plugin, you can customize feed import time interval, URL, publication date & title of a blog post.

In short, this WordPress auto blogging plugin helps you to customize the feed according to your need.


WPematico plugin comes with an as similar interface as the WordPress post editor, therefore you can easily utilize this plugin for your auto blogging setup.


They also offer you tonnes of features to customize your import content from various other sources.

The best thing about this auto blogging plugin is that you can fetch content from YouTube videos with the help of their YouTube fetcher feature.

WP Content Pilot:

WP Content Pilot plugin really helps you to run your blog in an autopilot mode, by posting content on your site at regular intervals of time.


This plugin is highly popular for auto blogging as well as for affiliate marketing, you can easily replace your affiliate link with an imported content’s affiliate link with the help of a WP content pilot.

This plugin comes with a very easy-to-use interface, which helps you to customize the feed as per your interest or blog requirement.

Auto Blogging Advantages:

Now, it’s time to understand the pros of auto blogging, here are those:

  • It saves your hell out of a time in the activity like, finding keywords, writing content, adding affiliate links & many more.
  • You can build a website without any sweat
  • Your users will always get fresh content on your site
  • Without any SEO work, you will grow your website traffic
  • You can earn money online with less hustle

Auto Blogging Disadvantages:

As I earlier said that every coin has two sides, therefore after seeing the pros of auto blogging, now it’s time to uncover some of the major cons of auto blogging:

  • It increases the spam score of your site
  • Can’t rank your website for a longer period of time on Google
  • Google can penalize your website at any time
  • Your AdSense account will disable by Google at any time
  • It builds a bad reputation for your website

Does Auto Blogging Actually Work?

Honestly speaking, yes auto blogging works & if you do it properly then it will help you to make one steady online income source for you.

But, auto blogging success depends on a lot of factors like selection of blogging platform, niche, monetization techniques & much more.

To make things easy for you, here are some proven tips for auto blogging:

  • Don’t just import & post content on your website, make some changes in images & paragraphs while publishing content
  • After publishing content do some on-page & off-page SEO activity
  • Publish some unique posts in between your auto blogging
  • Gather content from multiple sources instead of targeting a single website
  • Build some quality backlinks for your auto blog
  • Try to build a website on an event or news niche
  • Don’t rely completely on the auto blogging plugin

FAQs About Auto Blogging Earning & Setup:

Do automated blogs make money?

The honest answer to this question is, yes of course.
You will wonder by knowing the fact that, if you work smartly then you can surely make a tonne of money from auto blogging setup.
Auto blogging earning completely depends upon, how smartly you work on your blog.

Is auto blogging a good idea?

If you want quick & short-term results then you can surely try auto blogging.
If you see blogging as a career then you can’t survive with auto blogging in long run.

Which is the best platform for auto blogging?

I think I have already given the answer to this question in the above article.
Still, let me remind you again that, there is no doubt at all that WordPress is the best auto-blogging platform.

Final Thoughts:

In the above guide, we not just uncover what is auto-blogging but also include the whole information about everything about auto blogs.

The traditional blog takes a time to grow, whereas with the help of auto blogging you can get traffic on your website in a very short period of time.

But, again it depends upon how smartly & creatively you work on your blog.

If you just rely on auto blogging plugins or software then you can’t succeed in auto blogging.

I think you are smart enough to understand what I actually trying to say, now it’s over to you, that how you can manage your blog content.

Will meet in the next valuable guide, till then, be smart, be digital & don’t forget to share this article with your known ones!

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