Best topics to Start A Blog In 2023

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 10:13 pm

Hey newbie bloggers, how’s doing?

I know, whenever anyone thinks to start their blogging journey, one big question stuck in their mind firstly.

That is, which are the best topics to start a blog?

Majority of newbie bloggers searching a lot to get the answer to this question & their this activity makes them more confused.


If you are also going through the same phase & confused about the best topics to start a blog then, this article is a perfect find for you.

Because here we are uncovering some of the best out of best blog post ideas for beginners.

Before starting let me clear you one thing that, I’m not displaying here some large list of high demand blog topics to confuse you.

Vice-versa we are just focusing here on some of the best & most profitable blog ideas, which can help you to decide your blog topic.

So, let’s start our master class on best topic to write a blog.

Health Niche:

This is one of the best blogging topics for beginners because this is the most searchable topic on the internet.

Due to a large number of searches, if you write user-based & quality content then there is always a high chance to rank on Google.

Also, in this type of beginner-friendly blog topic, by using the user intent keyword, you can get more traffic without doing a lot of work.

One of the major reasons why this is one of the best topics to start a blog is, with the help of this niche you can promote thousands of affiliate products.

So, if you are searching for some profitable blog topics to start your blogging journey, then this is a perfect match for you.

Trending News Niche:

In today’s internet world, every single day new news goes viral very quickly & also it grabs the attention of more users.

So, if you present trending news with creative content, then you can get massive traffic on your blog from day one.

This type of niche has its own & regular fan base, therefore with just one viral news, your blog can get plenty of visitors on a daily basis.

When more visitors visit your blog on a daily basis, that time you can indirectly earn more money.

So, if you are searching for something unique blog ideas to published on your blog, then trending news is not a bad choice.

Pets Niche:

Nowadays the majority of peoples has its own pets, they like to spend their quality time with their pets.

Also, this type of peoples cares about their pets a lot, that is the reason why they always like to read pet-friendly articles on the internet.

So, in that scenario, if you start your blogging journey with pets niche & provide some essential pet care tips on your blog.

You can ultimately get a huge amount of loyal users on your every blog post.

Also, with this type of blog, you can promote several types of pet care products to earns your affiliate commission.

Baby Care Niche:

The baby is the real joy of home, their every body parts are very fragile, therefore parents care for them a lot.

Parents think twice before using any kind of baby care product on their child.

Every parent wants to provide the best out of best products to their baby, therefore they mainly focus on the internet to research.

So, if you write quality content on baby care tips or on baby care products, you can easily rank on the Google search engine.

I must say, this is one of the most profitable & best topics to start a blog as a beginner.

Because if you successfully convince parents through your blog information, then they can surely buy any product from your affiliate link.

This is the real power of these types of high-demand blog topics.

Traveling Niche:

If you want to earn money through affiliate marketing then, traveling niche is one of the best topics to start a blog.

In this type of blog topic, you can find a wide range of affiliate programs to promote.

As a travel blogger, you can get good brands to collaborate with through your blog post, which indirectly can improve your blog authority.

Also, by promoting various traveling affiliate programs through your blog post you can get some best destination traveling tickets free of cost as your affiliate commission.

So, if you are a traveller guy then don’t hesitate to start your blogging journey with this most popular blog topic.

Food Niche:

Food is the life, we all are earning money to fulfill our this one of the basic & most important need.

We all like to eat new food every day, that is the reason why a majority of peoples searching for new delicious dishes on the internet, every single day.

So, by starting a food blog you can utilize all these search results to grow your new blog.

In a food blog, you just need to post your quality article at a regular interval of time to increase your blog traffic.

When you serve delicious dishes through your blog post on a regular basis, that time foody peoples can automatically reach your blog.

This means in this type of blog topic, if you focused on quality content, then you can easily get a large volume of organic traffic.

Finance Niche:

The finance niche is one of the most creative & underdog niches in today’s modern era.

You can cover plenty of essential information through your blog post, under this type of high-demand blog topic.

Like, personal finance, insurance, financial independence, retirement plans, managing the family budget & many mores.

The most interesting fact about this kind of niche is, so far the competition level is far less as compared to other niches.

Because of this major reason, if you thinking to start blogging then this is also one of the best topics to start a blog.

One more thing, you do not need a in-depth knowledge of finance to rank this kind of informative blog.

You just need to do proper research & analysis before writing an article.

Also need to present them in a creative way to grab the attention of your users.

Digital Marketing Niche:

This is one of the evergreen niche, where you can sell your own courses & videos to earn a money.

If you wants to grow your career as an online influencer to guide & educate peoples then this is best blog topic to write.

Under this niche you can cover all the possibilities of online money earnings.

Also, in this type of niches you can get tonnes of affiliate program to promote.

Therefore, this is the best blog post ideas for beginners to start their blogging journey.

Final Thoughts On Best Topics To Start A Blog In 2023:

All the above mention niches are the best blog post ideas for beginners, due to it’s high demand & comparatively low competition.

As i promised earlier, we just uncover here some of the best out of best blogging topics to start your blogging journey.

So i hope, this article will help you to decide your blog topic or niche.

Still, if you stuck at any of the above topic, don’t forget to raise your query in below comment box section.

We will try to reply your all query as soon as much possible.

Also, kindly share this article with your all friends & family who want to start their career as a bloggers!

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