Proven Google Adsense Approval Trick 2023 [100% Working]

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As a Blogger & Youtuber, displaying ads on websites or in between videos is a dream of every newbie, but very few of them succeed to reach it.

Whereas, many others struggle a lot to monetize their blog or Youtube channel with the help of Adsense partner program.

Are you also one of them? then, I’m pretty much confident that, this guide will turn out very beneficial for you.

Because here we are going to uncover all the proven Google Adsense approval trick.


All those tricks are we personally tried & tested on our various new websites to get quick Adsense approval.

So, are you excited to monetize your website or YouTube channel with Google Adsense?

If yes, then let’s get started.

What Is Google Adsense?

Adsense is one of the biggest ad networks in the world which is run by Google.

This platform helps online creators or content publishers to display relevant ads on their site & to earn money from it.

Google Adsense helps you to make online money without spending a single penny.

How does Google Adsense Works?

Google Adsense works on a very simple & basic principle that when any user clicks on your display ad you will earn some money.

After getting AdSense approval this platform offers you two options to display ads on your site, one is a manual ad & another is an auto ad.

In a manual ad, you can choose an ad type & ad display area. Whereas in auto ads, Google displayed ads according to them.

According to research, the majority of online publishers are associated with the Google Adsense partner program & making tonnes of money from it.

In short, Adsense is one of the largest & trusted ad platforms for content creators & publishers.

Google Adsense Approval Trick:

The majority of newbies think, that getting Adsense approval is such a difficult task, but trust me if you follow below Adsense approval tips then it’s not going to be harder for you.

So, here are some genuine & 100% working Google Adsense approval trick:

1. Create A Necessary Pages:

Before applying for Adsense approval, always make sure that you added the below pages on your website.

  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap
  • Terms & Condition
  • Contact Us

I must say, all these pages are mandatory for Adsense approval.

You can create all these pages online very easily, with the help of Privacy policy, disclaimer, terms & condition generator tools.

You just need to fill out the necessary data in such tools & these tools will easily make the above pages for you.

If you do not add such pages to your website then you can’t get Adsense approval quickly.

2. Use A Responsive & SEO-Friendly Theme:

Themes play a very vital role at the time of Adsense approval, therefore always use SEO-friendly & responsive themes on your website.

You can customize responsive & SEO-friendly themes according to your niche.

In short, an SEO-friendly theme increases your Adsense approval chances.

3. Optimize Website Speed:

When any website takes a lot of time to open, users directly bounce back from their site.

This impacts very negatively on their website & such sites automatically decrease their Google ranking as well as Google Adsense approval chances.

So, if you want to monetize your blog with Adsense then you have to optimize your website speed.

Here are some quick tips to optimize website speed:

  • Use a responsive & SEO friendly theme
  • Optimize the image size while uploading
  • Keep your homepage clean & simple
  • Use a better hosting
  • Reduce the number of plugins

4. Write A Original & Quality Content:

If you want to get Adsense approval quickly then you can’t compromise with your content.

Content is the real USP between your website & users, quality & original content automatically attract more & more end users.

This indirectly helps you to get organic views on your website and when you start getting organic views on your site, you automatically lead the race of getting Adsense approval.

Never post copied or spined content on your site, it not only rejects your Adsense approval but also can harm your site very badly.

5. Post On Regular Interval Of Time:

Whether you are running an offline business or an online business, consistency is the real key to success.

Therefore, as a blogger, you need to post content at a regular interval of time to increase your Adsense approval chances.

Regular posting can also increase your website’s user engagement rate & Google search ranking.

6. Use Images In Article:

Images are the soul of your website, they do not just give an attractive look to your website but also increase the SEO score of your website.

Adding relevant images to your content is one of the proven Google Adsense approval tips.

Images attract many users & also help you to decrease the bounce rate of your blog.

7. Must Add SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate is the mandatory requirement of Google Adsense, you can’t get Adsense approval on your site without an SSL.

Therefore, if you want to get Adsense approval quickly then don’t apply for them without installing an SSL certificate.

Blogger platform by default comes with a free SSL certificate, whereas in WordPress you have to install an SSL certificate separately.

8. Share Article Links On Social Platforms:

If you asked me which is the best Google Adsense Approval trick in this modern era, then I surely recommend you share content on various social platforms.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for today’s every online or even offline business.

When you share your article link on social platforms, it helps you for getting organic views from various social sites, which impacts very positively on Google.

All this activity indirectly increases your Adsense approval chances.

9. Apply After Getting Some Organic Views:

Many of the newbies make such kinds of mistakes, they apply for Adsense approval without getting some organic views on their site.


Remember one thing, organic views matter a lot while applying for Adsense.

Therefore, do not apply for Adsense approval, if your site not getting some traffic.

Here are some quick tips for getting organic traffic on new websites:

  • Target long-tail keywords in the content
  • Share articles on social platforms
  • Stay more active on Q&A sites
  • Focus on on-page SEO
  • Become a guest blogger

10. Submit A Correct Information While Applying For Adsense:

I must say, it is one of the necessary Google Adsense approval requirements.

Therefore, if you submit the wrong information while applying for Adsense then you can’t get their approval.

Because Google Adsense reviews your submitted information before giving approval & I think one of the biggest search engines like Google can catches spammers very easily.

11. Don’t Make Any Changes After Applying For Adsense:

Many peoples change their website theme or layout after applying for Adsense approval, which is the biggest mistake.

Because after applying, Adsense reviews your site in various manners & frequent changes can cause your site rejection by Adsense.

Therefore, never ever do any customization activity after applying for Adsense approval.

12. Publish Content During Adsense Verification Process:

Most beginner blogger thinks that, once they apply for Adsense their job is done & they stop posting new content after applying for Adsense.

But, this is not the correct way of getting Adsense approval, because as I mentioned earlier consistency matters a lot in the Google Adsense approval process.

In some cases, Adsense gives approval within 24 hrs, whereas sometimes it takes 2-4 weeks time.

Therefore, you need to publish content in that whole process, to raise your Adsense approval chances.

My Proven Strategy For Getting Adsense Approval On New Website:

If you ask me, getting Adsense approval is not a much tougher task as you all think.

Therefore, to make things easier for you I’m sharing below my proven strategy for getting Adsense approval.

So far we are getting Adsense approval on more than 20 websites by following the below strategy:

1) Choose a top-level domain name for the website

2) Host your site on the best hosting

3) Publish a minimum of 25 articles before applying for Adsense

4) Post articles at least twice a week

5) Set a particular time for publishing new posts & follow them regularly

6) Create some backlinks for your website

7) Share article links on every social site

How To Apply For Google Adsense:

Applying for Google Adsense is not rocket science, you just need to signup for the Adsense partner program with your Gmail account & fill in all necessary details.

After submitting all details, Adsense will give you one unique code, which you need to copy & paste on your website.

If you are still confused about how to apply for Google Adsense, you can check out the below-detailed article.

FAQ’s About Google Adsense Approval Trick:

How many articles need for AdSense approval?

There are no certain limits specified by Google Adsense for approval, but try to publish at least 6-7 posts under each category of your blog to increase your Adsense approval probability.

Can I get AdSense approval with Blogger?

The simple & short answer to this question is Yes of course.
If you follow the above approval tricks & publish quality content on your website then you will definitely get Adsense approval with blogger.

How long does AdSense approval take?

If you follow the above Google Adsense approval tricks then I’m pretty much sure that you will get Adsense approval in the span of 24 hrs.
Still, in some cases, it takes a 2-4 weeks time period to review the site & made their approval decision.

Final Thoughts:

When you first time gets a mail like “your site is ready to show Adsense ads”, it is a fantastic feeling for bloggers.

If you are still away from such feelings then I’m sure that the above Google Adsense approval trick guide will help you to reach it.

Still, if you are stuck on any of the above points, feel free to reach us or ask us in the below comment box section.

We are always ready to help you.

One more thing, please share this valuable guide with your known ones because sharing is a real caring in today’s modern era!!

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