WordPress Or Blogger Which Is Better For You & Why? (Best Guide 2023)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 10:09 pm

WordPress or Blogger which is better? you think about this, which means finally you decided to start your blogging journey.

I must say, it is a great decision because day by day blog reader count increases very rapidly.

Due to this, the future of blogging is very brighter & you can make massive money from this online business.


So, in the initial stage of blogging, every blogger is stuck on one big question that is, WordPress or blogger which is better for them.

If you are also one of them then this guide is perfect for you because at the end of this guide you will definitely get your answer.

So, without wasting any single time let’s begin.

Quick Overview: Blogger Vs WordPress

Basically, there are plenty of blogging platforms are available to start your blog, some of them are free & some are paid.

But out of all, WordPress or blogger is the first preference of every new blogger.

So, firstly let’s understand some basics of these high demanding blogging platforms.

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a free platform that is served by one of the biggest search engines & that is Google.

With the help of the blogger platform, you can start your money-making blog free of cost.

Also, you can add any premium domain name with this platform to customize your blog.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is also free-to-use software but, to run a blog on WordPress you need to buy a domain name & hosting plan too.

WordPress is generally working on a CMS system, which means a content management system.

WordPress comes into action in the year of 2003.

Comparison: WordPress Or Blogger which is better

There are plenty of factors are available to compare WordPress Or Blogger, Which is better for you.

But, here we are considering some of the important factors out of them.

1) Pricing:

As a newbie blogger, price matters a lot for you, am I right?

That is the main reason why, we consider this factor on top, in the comparison of WordPress vs Blogger.


As we mentioned earlier, Blogger is a completely free platform to start a blog.

To start your blogging journey with blogger, you don’t need to purchase a domain or hosting.

Blogger platform offers you free domain name & free hosting too.

Also, you can add a premium domain name with this platform but for this, you need to spend some money on that.


WordPress is also a free software like a Blogger platform.

But to start your blogging journey with WordPress, you need to purchase a domain & hosting too.

Without purchasing domain & hosting, you can’t start your money-making blog with the WordPress platform.

2) Easy To Use:

Blogger & WordPress both are simple-to-use platforms.

Any beginner can work on both platforms with the same simplicity.


In the case of Blogger, generally, you don’t have so many options to customize your blog.

But, with the use of limited available resources, you can easily customize your blog on the Blogger platform.

In the blogger platform, you need to spend some time for customizing your brand new blog.


WordPress is filled with bundles of advanced plugins that’s why you can easily customize your WordPress blog.

In the case of WordPress, plugins make your customization task so much easier & faster as compared to blogger.

3) Templates:

Blog Template or theme is the soul of your blog, so many things depend upon your blog theme.

WordPress & Blogger both platform has their own inbuilt free

templates, which you can use to design your blog.


Blogger platform has its own various simple & basic templates, which you can use for your blog.

Also, there are plenty of other free templates available online for bloggers, but the customization of this template is restricted.

That means you can use these templates with their basic features & to use their premium version, you need to buy them.


WordPress platform also has its own free templates, which you can use for your blog.

The free version of the WordPress template is quite advanced than the free blogger template.

Some of the free WordPress templates are far better than the paid ones.

4) Long Run:

Blogging is an online business & it requires some time to grow, you can’t succeed in blogging from day one.

So, to become a successful blogger you need to invest some days or months, or years in this field.

Therefore, for blogging, you need to decide your blog platform very carefully.


If you just want to try blogging for some days then blogger is the perfect platform for you.

You can use blogger for the long run also, but the end results will not be as effective as WordPress.

Because, in case of high traffic on your blog, your blogger server can be crashed & which can down your website ranking.

In short, rank on google with the blogger platform is quite a difficult task. 

Still, however, if you manage to rank your website with a blogger then, it can’t be rank for a longer period of time.


If you seeing blogging as a career then, no better choice than the WordPress Platform.

I must say, without WordPress, your blogging career can’t be successful.

With the WordPress platform, you can rank your blog on Google for a longer period of time, due to its dedicated hosting server.

5) Future:

As i mentioned above, blogging is a time-consuming online business.

So, before selecting a platform for your blog, must understand the future of your blog platform.


Blogger is Google’s platform & they provide us to build a blog without charging a single penny.

So, in that scenario Google can shut down it at any time without giving any further notice to you, it completely depends on them.


WordPress platforms are aligned with hosting & domain, & they charge us to use their services for making our blog.

So, there are far fewer chances to shut down this platform in the future.

Somehow, if they decide to close their service in the future then legally they are bound to inform their users first.

WordPress Or Blogger: Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogger?

Generally, WordPress has a lot of advanced features than the blogger platform, which are very important to scale your blog.

So, let’s see some of the key highlights of WordPress, which make them better than the blogger:

1) Blog Ownership & Control:

Just imagine, after doing a lot of hard work, finally, you rank your website on google & the next day your website doesn’t exist.

how do you feel?

This kind of thing can easily happen with a blogger platform because in that case, Google is the owner of your blog.

You are using their platform for free of cost, so they can do anything with your blog without giving prior notice.

In the blogger platform, if spammers consistently report your blog as spam, then google can remove your blog.

On the other hand, in the case of WordPress, you are the owner of your WordPress blog.

So, without your permission, no one can do any single activity on your blog.

Also, you can prevent every spammy activity of spammers by using various WordPress plugins.

2) Lot’s Of Plugins & Support:

Blogger platform has very limited features to resolve any problem.

Therefore, if any technical error occurs on your blog, you required proper coding knowledge to resolve it.

On the other hand, the WordPress platform offers you a large list of advanced plugins.

With the help of their plugins, you can resolve any issue in a double-quick time, without any basic knowledge of coding.

Availability of plugins is the major difference between WordPress & Blogger.

3) Customization:

You can’t customize your blog as per your requirement in blogger if you do not have a coding background.

An only highly skilled coding person can customize their blog as per their requirement, through the blogger platform.

Whereas, in the case of WordPress you just need to download & activate some plugins to customize your dream blog.

4) Adsense Friendly:

WordPress platform is comparatively the best platform for getting AdSense approval than the blogger.

Also to protect your Adsense account from various spammers WordPress is far better than the blogger.

In short, by using the WordPress platform you can minimize the risk factors of disabling your Adsense account.

5) SEO Friendly:

Generally, blogger is also an SEO-friendly platform but when you post a lot of content through this platform, it affects your page loading speed.

Which indirectly impacts your website SEO very negatively.

Also, in WordPress to optimize your blog as per SEO requirements, there are a lot of features available.

6) Branding:

If you want to develop any brand through your website then without WordPress it can’t be possible.

Because the majority of people think that if you are using a blogger platform that means you are less serious about your work.

On the other hand, if you run a self-hosted WordPress blog then it will help you to build the reputation of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions On WordPress Or Blogger Which Is Better:

Should I Start With Blogger Or WordPress?

I think I’m giving detailed information on this query, in the above article.
Still, let me answered you once again, if you are serious about blogging go with WordPress & if you just want to try it then blogger is perfect for you.

WordPress Or Blogger, Which Is Better For Making Money?

For making money from blogging, both platforms are equally capable.
But, if you want to make massive money from blogging for a longer period of time then WordPress is the only platform.

Should I Move From Blogger To WordPress?

Yes, you can shift your blog from Blogger to WordPress at any time.
But in that migration process most of the time you can lose your ranking on Google.
So, to avoid this kind of hassle, start a blog with the WordPress platform.

Should I Use Free Hosting For WordPress?

The honest answer to that question is, you should go with a Blogger platform instead of using free hosting for WordPress.
Because using the Blogger platform is better for you rather than using free hosting with WordPress.

Final Thoughts On WordPress Or Blogger Which Is Better:

Choosing a blog platform is one of the crucial steps in blogging, so to help you in that step, we made this article or you can say guide.

I’m not been against of blogger platform at all, I’m just putting my words on the basis of deep research & my best ever experience.

I hope, all the above information will help you to decide on WordPress or Blogger, which is better for you.

Still, if anything missing from my side or if you have any doubt about choosing a blogging platform, feel free to ask in the comment box.

We will try to answer your query as early as possible.

Will meet in the next interesting & informative article, till then be smart & be digital!!!

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