How To Start A Podcast For Free (Complete Guide 2023)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 10:10 pm

If you looking for an online money-making opportunity then you come to the perfect place.

Because today we are covering here all the steps about how to start a podcast for free & earn money online from them.


I must say, Podcasting is the real future of online businesses.

The podcasting business is on its high pick, many influencers are targeting podcasts to grow their business & to make money online.

So, why don’t you try it?

I know, majority of you are not aware of how to start a podcast business? am i right?

But, from today onwards Podcasting is not an unknown term for you.

Because as i mentioned earlier that you will get here all the knowledge about how to start a podcast for free.

So, without any delay, let’s start it.

What Is A Podcast?

In simple terms, the podcast is an audio form to convey your things to the public or users.

As a podcaster, you can entertain, motivate & educate people by uploading a series of podcast episodes in your own voice.

The best part of the podcasting business is your user can download your podcasting episodes & can listen as per their interest.

I hope, this overview is enough to understand what is a podcast & how does it work.

Decide A Podcast Topic:

As with blogging or youtube, you need to decide your podcast topic according to your interest.

Because this online business also takes time to grow & for that time period you need to upload your podcast at a regular interval of time.

I know deciding podcast topics is a quite tougher task for every beginner.

But to make your task easier we are providing here the list of best podcast topics for beginners.

Interview or Chat Show:

This kind of podcast idea never fails due to its wide range of active listeners. Also, this type of podcast goes viral very quickly.

You can cover lots of interesting topics under this particular podcast.

Story Teller:

Storyteller podcast idea is always best for beginner podcasters because you just need to describe any story in your own version.

You can cover a single story in multiple episodes to increase the engagement level of users to your podcast.

Personality Development:

Personality development is the evergreen podcast topic, you can sell your own products by using this podcast idea.

Also, this kind of podcast topic has its own fan base, therefore you can get some loyal users very quickly through this podcast topic.

Starting a trending news podcast is always a great choice for beginners because here you can easily get your podcast content without any hard research.

Also, your content will go viral very easily due to its high search volume on the internet.

Comedy Show:

Starting a podcast journey with a comedy show is not a bad choice at all.

This kind of podcast topic always gets a higher user engagement rate than any other podcast.

Select A Professional Name:

Setting a name for your podcast is the first & more crucial step because with the help of a podcast name users can reach your podcast episodes.

So, here are some factors you need to keep in mind before selecting a name for your podcast:

  • It should be short & simple
  • Easy to search
  • Based on your podcast content
  • Creative & catchy

To make things easier for you here is one website that can help you to choose a professional podcast name without spending a single penny.

Choose A Podcast Hosting:

Podcast hosting means, it’s a storage place for your audio files, which you upload in your podcast episodes.

In short, it keeps storage of your recorded podcast episode. So, without hosting, you can’t start your podcast journey.

Nowadays tonnes of podcast companies are available on the internet, some of them are paid or some are free to use.

But, as i promised earlier that, you will get here all the knowledge about how to start a podcast for free, therefore we will go with free podcast hosting.

So, here are some best free podcast hostings to start your podcast journey:

Anchor: Best Podcast Hosting For Beginners

Podomatic: Easy To Use Podcast Hosting

Spreaker: Perfect Podcast Hosting For Content Management

Podbean: Genuine Podcast Hosting For Starting An Podcast Business

Set A Catchy Profile:

The profile is the first center of attraction for your users, so, make them professional & effective.

Always add a catchy line in your podcast profile to attract more & more end users.

Also, try to write a short but valuable bio in your podcast profile to increase the authority of your podcast.

Start Recording Your Podcast Episodes:

After completion of all the above primary steps, the next & most important step is starting a podcast recording.

To start a podcast you need some essential equipment like microphones, computers, pop filters, mic stands & many more.

Now, you will be wondering that I’m mentioned earlier that you will learn here how to start a podcast for free & now I’m talking about this expensive podcast equipment, am i right?

But, don’t worry I’m not forgotten my promise at all.

As per my earlier words, you will definitely get here all the stuff on how to start a podcast for free.

First, let me clear you one thing, all the above-mentioned podcast equipment is highly recommended for professionals only.

So, you as a beginner can start a podcast through your mobile phone.

Yes, you read it right, by using your mobile you can launch your all high-quality podcast episodes for free of cost.

For this, you just need to download one of the above-mentioned free podcast hosting app on your smartphone.

By installing one of them app you can easily record your high-quality podcast episodes without spending money.

Edit Episode With Classic Background:

With the help of above mentioned free podcast hosting app you can easily edit your podcast episodes like a professional.

All these apps are capable enough to edit your podcast as per your requirement.

One more important tip you should follow at the time of podcast editing is, always add silent music in your podcast background.

Also, try to keep similar music background in every podcast episode to build the authority of your podcast.

Launch Podcast Episodes Frequently:

As we all know, consistency is the real key to success in each & every business.

Similarly, without consistency, you won’t succeed in the podcast online business.

So, set a particular time to launch your podcast episode & try to maintain that routine for a longer period of time.

You must try to upload at least three podcast episodes per week to get better results.

Promote On Every Social Platform:

To grow your podcast audience try to utilize each & every social platform.

That means to build your podcast social presence on every social media platform & promote your every episode on that platform.

This strategy definitely helps your podcast to grab the attention of more & more end users.

Monetize Your Podcast:

The last but the most important step in the podcast business is, how to monetize your podcast.

So, there are plenty of options available in today’s online world to monetize your podcast.

Here is the list of some of them,

1) Affiliate Marketing

2) Sell your own products

3) Paid sponsorship

4) Premium content & subscription

5) Advertizement & promotions

6) Paid collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions On Podcast

What Should My First Podcast Include?

In your first brand new podcast episode, introduce yourself with catchy words to your audience.
Also, give a brief overview of your podcast content & don’t forget to talk about the upcoming episodes to increase the curiosity of upcoming episodes.

How Do You Start A Podcast With No Money?

You can start your money-making podcast episodes without spending a piece of money.
And i think I’ve covered all the steps above, about how to start a podcast for free, you can follow them to start your podcast journey.

Can One Person Do A Podcast?

Variety of forms available in the podcast business, some of them required a partner & some of them you can host solo.
So, the honest answer to your question is Yes, you can do a podcast solo.
But, having a partner in the podcast business is always beneficial in various manners.
By the way, it completely depends upon your podcast topics selection.

Do Podcasts Make Money?

There is no doubt at all that, the podcast is a genuine money-making online business.
Majority of people making tonnes of money from this rapidly growing online business.

Final Sum-up:

The podcast is one of the underdog online businesses, many peoples are still not aware of their potential.

Therefore it is the best time to start a podcast & to start making money from them.

To make your journey smoother we are providing above all the steps on how to start a podcast for free.

I hope, this guide will definitely help you to start a podcast business & to make money online.

Still, if you are stuck on any of the above steps, the whole comment box section is waiting for your query.

Also, must share this article through all your known ones to educate them & to help them for making online money.

Well, we will meet you in the next valuable guide, till then stay focused & keep hustling!!!

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