How To Start Email Marketing From Scratch (Detailed Guide-2023)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:41 pm

Hey guys, if you want to scale your online business with email marketing but don’t have enough knowledge about where to start or how to start email marketing?

Then, don’t worry this guide will help you a lot to make things easier for you.

Because today in this article we are providing in-depth knowledge about how to start email marketing from scratch & boost your earnings.

So, are you excited…? then let’s get started from scratch.


what is email marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is one of the ways to promote your products & services to your customers through various email campaigns.

In today’s digital era, to reach more & more customers email marketing is one of the most effective & powerful tools.

Email marketing helps you to reach thousands of people in just a single click.

I think this overview is enough to understand the basics of what is email marketing.

Now, let’s understand

how email marketing works?

Email marketing works on a very simple principle that is when anyone signup & submits their email through your email campaign.

Then you can send a series of promotional mail to your users to get more sales, traffic, or engagement on your targeted page.

In short email marketing works as a target-oriented sales funnel for you.

Types of email marketing:

So, now let’s understand some of the most important types of email marketing, which will help you to ease your email marketing journey.

Welcome Email:

Well, this email matters a lot in your entire email marketing campaign.

Because, as we all know, how many emails we got on a daily basis in our inbox & out of all how much we open and take action.

Therefore, always start your email marketing campaign with a well-optimized welcome email, it will help you to build a strong relationship with your customers.

Important Note: Don't promote any product or service to the customer in the welcome email because it will look spammy.

Email Newsletters:

Email newsletter helps you to spread brand awareness of your products & services.

Always try to include so much valuable & target-oriented information in this type of email to get more subscribers.

Email newsletter helps your users to recognize your products & services.

Therefore, always send this type of email with valuable information & a catchy call to action button.

Acquisition Emails:

This type of email we especially need to send when users opted to receive your emails but they have not converted into customers.

In that case, half the battle you already win, now you just need to convert your users into your customers.

In this particular type of email, you need to create attractive offers & informative content to increase the conversion rate.

This type of email makes a very powerful impact on your email marketing campaign.

Retention Emails:

Retention email helps you to keep in touch with your hard-won customers.

This type of email needs to design as per customers’ requirements & interests to get a high engagement rate always.

Retention emails can help you to build a strong & loyal customer base around your products and services.

Promotional Email:

Promotional emails are all about promoting various offers, services & products to your users.

Always make sure that your promotional email should include a link to the product & services sales page with a very simple interface.

This type of email always helps you to drive more sales & boost your revenue.

How To Build A Email List?

Now, the main task, as we all know that without an email list you can’t start your email marketing campaign.

Therefore, here are some quick & best strategies to build an email list from scratch.

1) Create a branded opt-in pop-up form for your website or landing page

2) Add a CTA link in your every social media profile bio

3) Offer a valuable e-book for free of cost

4) Run a paid ad campaign on Google & Facebook

5) Host a value-based free event on the various social platform

6) Be active on various forums and Q&A sites

7) Creat a smart bar at the top of your website

If you want a more detailed guide on how to build an email list for your online business then kindly Click Here.

Proven Tips for creating an effective email marketing strategy:

To run a successful email campaign, firstly you have to build a powerful marketing strategy, which helps you to grow your business.

Don’t worry, we will help you with that task.

You just need to follow the below steps which will definitely help you to create your first-ever profitable email marketing campaign.

Determine your audience:

The first & most important step is you need to define your audience before starting an email marketing campaign.

For getting better results, you need to build your campaign on the basis of your audience requirements.

For example, A college-going teenager can’t be interested in the best retirement plans.

Establish your goals:

Don’t send a series of emails without defining a goal, it will irritate your customers.

For example: If you want to increase your website traffic then give a brief overview of your content with a catchy CTA.

Make it easy for people to sign up:

Now, the important step where most of the people fail.

Don’t create a messy signup form for the email submitting process.

Make this process as simple as you can.

Schedule Your Emails:

As we understand various types of email marketing in the earlier phase of this article.

So, on the basis of that, you need to predefine the sequence of emails in your email marketing campaign.

For example, You can’t succeed in email marketing if you start selling your products & services from the first email.

How to do email marketing:

Now, it’s showtime, where you actually need to set a complete roadmap towards your successful email campaign.

So, let’s get started with email marketing by following the below steps,

Set Your Goals:

Firstly, decide what you want to achieve at the end of this email marketing campaign.

Whether you want website traffic, sell products or services, create brand awareness, or anything else.

Select an email marketing service:

Select an email marketing service on the basis of your requirement, goal & budget.

Nowadays, there are tonnes of email marketing services available on the internet but very few of them are really bang on to use.

Here are some best email marketing services you should try for your campaign:


Constant Contact




Build an email list:

To utilize the benefits of the email marketing business, you need to build a strong & relevant email list.

I know, it’s a time-consuming process but to maximize your online business you can’t skip that process.

Because without a strong email list you can’t do this online money-making business.

Segment your email list:

Once you add sufficient emails to your email list then the next step is you need to segregate them properly.

This step will help you to reach perfectly targeted users according to their interests & response.

Such type of email marketing strategy also helps you to get a higher engagement rate.

Create a campaign, and build your email:

For creating an effective email marketing campaign your selected service provider plays a very vital role.

Most of the email marketing platforms provide you with a handy guide for setting up your campaign.

Therefore, select the best email marketing service provider to maximize your end results & to make your journey smoother.

Use autoresponders:

The majority of email marketing service providers come with autoresponders features.

This email marketing tool helps you to grow your business by sending automatic email scripts to your users based on their specific actions.

I must say, an autoresponder is one of the best email marketing tools which saves your hell out of time.

Enable tracking and analytics:

If you want to reach maximum profit at the end of the campaign, then you have to analyze your email marketing campaign performance on a regular basis.

You can use your email marketing service provider’s analytics feature for executing this particular activity.

This activity will help you to track your open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rates & on the basis of this you can improve your email marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts On How To Start Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies, which is invented in 1978.

But, still, this is considered one of the most effective & powerful marketing strategies.

Therefore, if you want to grow your online business then you can’t ignore the power of email marketing.

I think we covered all the steps in the above guide of how to start email marketing, which will definitely help you to start a successful email marketing campaign.

Now, the ball is in your court!!!

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