How To Build Email List For Free (7+ Easiest & Proven Ways)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:51 pm

If you want to build your own online empire from scratch then you can’t afford to ignore the power of email marketing.

Email marketing not just helps you to boost your online earning but also it will help you to build a strong relationship with your audience.


I know most of you are beginners in this online field & you don’t have enough money to spend on email capturing ad campaigns.

But don’t worry, because in this guide you will get some proven ways on how to build email list for free.

Yes, you read it absolutely right, you can build an email list without spending a single penny.

With the help of a targeted audience email list, you can boost your conversion rate to the next level.

So, are you excited to know, how to build email list for free? then let’s get started.

what is email marketing and how does it work?

Before starting our masterclass firstly let’s understand what is email marketing & what is the importance of email marketing.

Basically, email marketing is the process to promote your products, services through various emails scripts to your targeted audience.

In a simple term, email marketing is a promotional activity that is based on email.

Now, let’s understand some of the key importance of email marketing:

  • Email marketing helps to build a stronger bond with customers
  • Email marketing boost your conversion rate
  • Email marketing has a large audience base
  • Email marketing can help you to find a targeted audience for your products & services
  • Email marketing can help you forever to boost the engagement rate of your website
  • Email marketing can help you to automate your online business

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How to build email list for free?

Basically, there are two ways to build an email list of your target audience, one is paid one & another is completely free.

So, as I mentioned earlier, we are disclosing here some of the freeways to build an email list for your online business.

Trust me these free email list-building ways are far effective than some of the paid ones.

Add CTA to your every social media profile’s bio:

CTA (call to action) plays a very vital role in every online marketing strategy, whether it is affiliate marketing or email marketing.

That one line or button encourage peoples to click on your link.

Therefore must add CTA with very deep research & according to your social media’s audience mindset.

Your every social media profile must be optimized with call-to-action lines to collect the email id of your audience.

Every social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter allows you to add one link to your profile bio.

So, must add a link in your profile bio & that link should be your email capturing link.

For example, write a line like “Get free online money-making secrets” in your profile bio & add a link of the landing page right below.

Whenever someone clicks on that link they will redirect to your landing page, where you can collect their email id easily by providing them some helpful stuff.

Create a social media post with catchy CTA:

Nowadays, everyone knows the power of social media posts.

Your one-quality post can reach a thousand of targeted audiences in just a few seconds.

Therefore, optimize your social media post content with catchy CTA to build a free email list.

For example, you can post a little summary of any helpful content & appel your audience that they can get full content for free by clicking on the bio link.

This trick can surely help you to utilize the benefits of email marketing by building a free email list.

One more thing is that don’t apply this strategy to every post, it will reduce the authority of your account.

Utilize the Quora platform to build a free email list:

Quora is a well-known & high engaging question-answer platform, which is completely free for every user.

Thousands of people are asking various questions on this platform on a daily basis & anyone can give the answer to their question.

So, by utilizing the quora platform you can easily capture a number of emails & start your free email marketing business.

For example, you just need to find a question related to your niche on this platform & submit a landing page link with some content in the answer.

Make sure that write a helpful answer with an image to reach the more targeted audience in quora.

Also, don’t try to add more than one link in your answer, when you start with a fresh account on quora, otherwise, they will block you.

Stay more active on forum sites:

As similar to Quora, you can get tonnes of a free email list by submitting a helpful answer on any forum site.

But, again you need to choose a perfect question related to your niche to get more conversion from there.

You can easily find a forum site according to your products & services by searching on Google.

Post Instagram & Facebook stories with CTA:

Facebook & Instagram stories are the first center of attraction for every user.

Whenever we open one of these platforms, first we hook on the stories, even these platforms also promote our stories to everyone.

So, don’t ignore the story feature of these two platforms, if you really want to build a free email list from them.

As similar to posts, you can upload stories at regular intervals of time with CTA to grab the attention of many end-users.

Offer premium content for free on Pinterest pins:

Premium content doesn’t mean a paid content, it means content that is very beneficial for your users.

You want to do a lot of research to collect such kinds of content. Once you find such content sum up them in ebook or video form.

Offer such content free to your audience, with the help of any landing page, where you can collect the email id of your audience.

This strategy surely gives a more effective result than any other paid campaign.

Also, you can implement this strategy on any of the high engaging social platforms.

Create a catchy popup for your website:

If you are a blogger then how to build email list for free, is not a big question for you.

Because you can collect free email lists in multiple ways in blogging, like by using popups, flashy banners, or signup features.

But, out of all of them, popups will help you a lot to catch more emails.

But, for these, you need to optimize your popups very smartly. Like it should be based on your user’s intent.

Also, make sure that your popups will not irritate your end-users. Because most of the time unnecessary popups can boost your website’s bounce-back score.

Pin a message with CTA on the telegram channel:

Day by day, telegram users count increases very rapidly, then why don’t you utilize these high engaging sources for building your email list.

To build a free email list with a telegram, you have to pin one of your messages with CTA at your telegram channel or group.

This message should be catchy & niche-oriented, for getting much more responses on that.

Also, join various telegram groups regarding your services & offer valuable content to their audience for free of cost at a regular interval of time.

This will help you to build authority & then you can easily share any link on these groups, it won’t be blocked by the group admin.

Make sure that, don’t try to spam on any telegram group otherwise their admin can block your account.

Final Thoughts:

You can definitely boost your conversion rate by using a smart email marketing strategy, but for these, you have to collect a targeted audience email list.

Therefore to help you out of it, we have uncovered these useful & simple guides on how to build a email list for free.

I hope, this guide will help you like a free email marketing tool & also you will capture a number of emails by following the above strategies.

In short, ultimately this guide will help you to double your online income.

Still, if you are stuck on any of the above points, feel free to ask in the below comment box section. We will meet in the next valuable article, till then be smart, be digital!!!

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