10+ Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers (Free)

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Growing a blog from scratch, it’s not an easy task at all, it requires a lot of hard work & patience too.

But, you can surely minimize this time & work, with the help of some best chrome extensions. Sounds really good, right?


So, today, in this article we are talking about some best chrome extensions for bloggers, which can surely help you in your blogging journey.

Basically, every online business or offline business requires hard work to become successful.

But, if you do hard works in a smart way then it automatically saves your time & increases the success percentage.

Why Do You Need Best Chrome Extensions?

So, before starting our masterclass on the best SEO extension for google chrome, firstly let’s understand why you need chrome extensions.

As we all know, chrome is the widely used browser all over the world, due to its high-level security & user-friendly interface.

Google chrome is the only browser that provides an extension to its users.

Extensions, which help you a lot to automate your task.

As a blogger, we need to do multiple tasks, like keyword research, writing content, creating images & many more.

All these tasks are time-consuming.

So to help you out of it & to ease your blogging journey, chrome extensions can help you a lot.

I think, now the picture is quite clear in your mind regarding the importance of chrome extensions for bloggers.

So, let’s move on to our major topic of discussion & that is which is the best SEO extension for google chrome?

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers:

Generally, there is a huge list of chrome extensions to streamline your work in a smarter way.

But, out of all of them, we are selected some of the best chrome extensions for bloggers, which can definitely increase your productivity.

All these extensions are we personally tried & tested on various parameters.

on the basis of their performance, we are selecting this awesome SEO extension for google chrome.

So, without further delay, here is the list of some best chrome extensions for productivity:

Grammerly Chrome Extension:

If you are a blogger then Grammarly chrome extension is one of the most effective tools for you.

Because that tool literally holds your hand at the time of content writing.

Let, me clear you in more simple words, Grammarly chrome extension is an online writing assistant tool, which helps you to avoid grammatical mistakes in your content.

Grammarly is the best SEO extension for google chrome, who helps you to write quality content for your users.

Grammarly also has its premium version, but if you are good at grammar & want to resolve only minor grammatical mistakes then the free version is enough for you.

However, if you struggle to write content in English then must go with a pro version of Grammarly.

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension:

As a blogger, you know the importance of keyword research before writing any blog post.

Keywords are one of the major ranking factors considered by Google.

If you write content as per users’ intent then you can easily rank on Google, even if you are a complete beginner blogger.

Keywords everywhere chrome extension helps you to find exactly those keywords, which is based on users intent.

By using this amazing free chrome extension, you can find related keywords, long-tail keywords & what exactly people searching for that particular query on Google.

SEOquake Chrome Extension:

SEOquake is the most powerful SEO extension for google chrome, which helps you to find various SEO metrics of any website.

SEOquake chrome-extension helps you to do a detailed analysis of any of the competitor’s websites.

I must say, this free chrome extension is a far better SEO tool than some of the paid ones.

Therefore, SEOquake Chrome extension is my personal favorite & recommended chrome extension for every blogger.

So far the SEOquake Chrome extension is installed by more than 700k active users.

MozBar Chrome Extension:

MozBar Chrome extension is one of the most comprehensive SEO toolsets, which provides you instant SEO metrics for any web page.

MozBar Chrome extension helps you to check page authority, domain authority, spam score & referring domains of any website.

This is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity, which works as similar as SEOquake.

By using the MozBar Chrome extension, you can do advanced SEO research without spending a single penny.

Awsome Screenshot & Screen Recorder:

Awsome screenshot chrome extension is one of the most powerful tools to capture professional-looking screenshots for your website.

By using an awesome screenshot chrome extension you can easily take a high-quality screenshot of the entire screen in just one click.

Isn’t it a great thing for bloggers like us?

One more amazing fact about this chrome extension is you can edit your screenshot at the same time in this tool, without closing a window.

Undoubtedly awesome screenshot chrome extension is the best chrome extension for bloggers, digital marketers & every online entrepreneur.

Word Counter Plus Chrome Extension:

Word counter plus is a simple & most useful free tool for every blogger, who is always worried about their content length.

Word counter plus chrome extension helps you to find word count & character you use in your content.

By using this amazing tool, you can also find the average & longest word length of any article without changing a browser.

In short, word counter plus is the must-use SEO extension for google chrome.

SimilarWeb Chrome Extension:

SimilarWeb is always one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers, who want to analyze their competitors on the basis of various parameters.

It provides you detailed stats of any website, like website traffic, keywords ranking, traffic source, bounce rate & many mores, in just one click.

A similarWeb is all in one & the best chrome extensions for productivity.

Many of the pro bloggers also always recommend this most valuable chrome extension to their students.

A cherry on the top thing is, you can use this highly popular chrome extension without investing a single penny.

Buffer Chrome Extension:

Buffer chrome extension is a truly amazing tool not only for bloggers but also for every online business.

It saves your hell out of time, which you can utilize for doing another important task.

Buffer chrome extension made a new revolution in the online world, with their super simple & highly advanced automation tools.

By using this chrome extension, you can share your content on multiple social platforms with just one click.

Also, it comes with one of the most amazing features, where you can easily schedule your content by using a buffer.

As a blogger, we all are aware with the importance of social media in our blogging journey.

Therefore, if you want to grow your blogging business to the next level then buffer chrome extension will help you a lot.

Hunter Chrome Extension:

If you are hungry for getting backlinks on a daily basis for your website then hunter will ease your work.

Because, with the help of hunter chrome extension you can easily get contact information like email, phone number, social networks & many more, of any web page owner in just one click.

That all data will help you to reach that targeted person & also it will help you to communicate with them regarding backlinks or guest posts.

In a very simple term, hunter is the best SEO extension for google chrome, which helps you to build your community.

Ubbersuggest Chrome Extension:

Ubbersuggest is another best SEO extension for google chrome, which is developed by one of the top bloggers ” Neil Patel”.

This chrome extension is a complete SEO package that shows you in-depth stats of SEO metrics like keyword search volume, CPC, competition, etc.

In addition, ubbersuggest chrome extension also helps you to do a detailed analysis of your competitor’s website.

All these advanced & easy to use features make them one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

StayFocused Chrome Extension:

As the name suggests this chrome extension helps you to stay focused on your work, by restricting your surfing activity on the internet.

You can limit your surfing time on a nonproductive website like Twitter, Instagram & many more by using this chrome extension.

Every blogger requires concentration while writing content & social platforms can distract your concentration level.

Therefore, by using these best chrome extensions for bloggers you can set a daily time limit to spend on such websites.

Final Thoughts On Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers:

Basically, Google chrome offers us a wide range of free chrome extensions, but very few of them are worth it for bloggers like us.

So, on the basis of our best-ever knowledge, we made this guide on the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

All the above-mentioned extensions are very helpful SEO extension for google chrome.

I hope, by using these Chrome extensions you will definitely ease your blogging journey.

Still, if you are stuck at any of the above points, feel free to ask in the below comment box section.

We will answer you as early as possible.

One more thing, if you feel the above information is helpful for you then please do one favor for us, share this article with all your friends & family to educate them!!!

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