How To Create A YouTube Channel And Earn Money (Detailed Guide 2023)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:46 pm

Money is the center of attraction in everyone’s life, that is the reason why we are always curious to know various money earning opportunities.

Therefore, today in this article, we are covering one of the most interesting topics & that is, how to create a YouTube channel and earn money.


Basically, creating a YouTube channel is not a difficult task at all but, creating a successful YouTube channel is quite a difficult task.

But, don’t worry because this guide will help you to start a YouTube channel & grow them to the next level.

So, are you excited? then, let’s get started.

Why YouTube Is Important?

If you want to build your online empire then you can’t ignore the power of YouTube.

In fact, after Google, YouTube is the second highly engaging platform all over the world.

YouTube provides you with the opportunity to promote your brand in front of the whole world, without charging you a single penny.

How To Create A YouTube Channel And Earn Money:

As I mentioned earlier that, starting a YouTube channel in today’s era is not a big deal, still, let me give you a handy overview:

  • Sign in to your google account
  • Create a YouTube account by using your Google account
  • Customize your YouTube channel by adding necessary things in layout, branding & basic info tab
  • Upload your first YouTube video with detailed optimization

I think this overview is enough to understand how to create a YouTube channel, if you want a detailed guide then kindly checkout below:

Step by step guide on how to create a YouTube channel

So, let’s move on to our main topic & that is, how to make money from YouTube.

How To Make Money From YouTube:

Basically, from your YouTube channel, you can make online money in multiple ways.

Like, Adsense, affiliate marketing, paid promotions & many more.

So, let’s talk one by one with an in-depth guide,

YouTube Partner Programme (Adsense):

Many YouTubers monetize their channel with the help of a YouTube partner program, which is Adsence.

To activate Adsense monetization on your channel, firstly you need to complete basic eligibility criteria which are set by them & that is, your channel should have 1000 subscribers & 4000 hr watch time.

After surpassing that eligibility criterion, you can easily start Adsence monetization on your channel.

With the YouTube partner program, you can earn money from various streams, like from video ads, channel subscription, super chat, etc.

Affiliate Marketing:

If you are a beginner & worrying about how to monetize YouTube channels without Adsense, then affiliate marketing is the best alternative for you.

For doing affiliate marketing with YouTube, firstly you need to paste your affiliate link in the description & when any user purchases that product from your link, you get some commission.

The best part about affiliate marketing is, you can do affiliate marketing with zero subscribers.


Paid sponsorship is also one of the greatest ways to make money from YouTube, it completely depends upon your content.

When you grow your channel on a particular niche that time on the basis of your content, various company’s approaches you to promote their products, that process called as a paid sponsorship.

The majority of popular YouTubers earn a massive piece of amount from promoting various sponsored products & services.

Sell Your Own Products & Courses:

Selling your own merchandise from YouTube is also the best way to make money from YouTube.

It also helps you to increase your brand value in front of the whole world.

In short, this strategy will help you to earn money & fame through the same platforms.

At the time of selling merchandise, make sure that your product or service will add value to your user’s life, which will indirectly help you to build a trust factor of your channel.


Receiving donations or funds from your viewers is also one of the ways to earn money from YouTube.

When you provide valuable content to your users for free of cost & in return if they raise some funds to you to show support for your channel then, this process is called YouTube donations.

Websites like buy me a coffee, ko-fi & Patreon can help you to gather this donation.

If your content succeeds in adding value to viewers’ life then they don’t hesitate to donate to you for it, therefore always try to create valuable content.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money:

If you seeing Youtube as a career, then the first & most important step is a selection of a niche or topic.

If you clear this step confidently then you will win half of your battle.

So, to help you out of it, here are some best YouTube channel ideas for beginners:

  • Entertainment/Comedy YouTube Channel
  • Technology Oriented YouTube Channel
  • Political Satire or News YouTube Channel
  • Vlogging YouTube Channel
  • Educational YouTube Channel
  • Gaming YouTube Channel
  • Sports & Fitness YouTube Channel

I know, most of the beginners are camera shy & they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, am I right?

If you are one of them then don’t worry because YouTube is not all about showing your own face.

You can also start a YouTube channel without showing your face.

To make it easier for you, here is the list of some best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face:

  • Story Telling YouTube Channel
  • Product Review YouTube Channel
  • Travel Vlogging YouTube Channel
  • Motivational YouTube Channel
  • Tutorials YouTube Channel
  • Cooking YouTube Channel

How To Grow YouTube Channel From Scratch?

As I mentioned earlier, starting a YouTube channel is not a difficult thing but growing a YouTube channel from scratch is the hardest one.

But, don’t worry, if you follow the below steps then you will surely make this task easier for you,

Create a video with proper keyword research

Always stick with one topic or niche

Reformat existing quality content on a regular basis

Make an eye-catching thumbnail

Engage with your audience

Promote your videos on other high engaging social platforms

Try to upload at least two videos per week, when you are a beginner

Maintain a video length between 15-20 minutes

Never compromise with content quality

Don’t be greedy to monetize your content

Final Thoughts On How To Create A Channel On YouTube And Make Money:

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most profitable platforms for every creator, due to its high engagement rate.

This platform helps millions of people to start their online money-making journey, then what are you waiting for?

To make your journey smoother we made this guide on how to create a YouTube channel and earn money.

I hope this guide will help you to start your YouTube journey and earn money from it.

Still, if you find any difficulties in the above article or you feel something is missing from the above then please share your feedback with us in below comment box section!!!

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