How To Rank Without Backlinks (5+ Proven Ways)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:50 pm

Many newbie bloggers always hustle a lot to get backlinks for their websites.

Because they don’t have knowledge about how to rank without backlinks or they think without backlinks their site can’t be rank.


But, if I say, you can rank a website on Google’s first page, without building a single backlink.

I’m pretty much sure that most of you will read the above line twice for better understanding.

But, trust me “Yes” you can surely rank a website on Google without creating a backlink.

I know, now you are on edge of your seat to understand how to rank without backlinks.

So, hold your nerves because you will get all the strategies here on how to rank a website on google without building backlinks.

So, without wasting much more time let’s get started.

Proven Ways Of How To Rank Without Backlinks:

Don’t Compromise With Content:

If you want to rank a website on Google’s first page then the first & most important rule is never compromised with your blog content.

Because when you start any new website that time your site’s da & pa is comparatively very less than your competitors.

So, in that scenario, you can beat them with the help of powerful & valuable content.

To write a powerful blog firstly you need to do a deep research as per users’ intent or queries regarding that particular topic.

When you write content for user intent that time you automatically boost your website ranking chances.

Utilize The Power Of Long Tail Keywords:

I think you all know the importance of keywords in your blog content.

But in the initial stage of blogging if you target high search volume & short-length keywords then, you can’t rank a website without a backlink.

Therefore, we always recommend newbies that, they have to only target long-tail keywords in the initial days of blogging.

If you write content by targeting long-tail & low search volume keywords, then you can easily rank your website on Google.

Long-tail keywords help a lot in the initial days of blogging to boost your Google ranking.

I think this overview is enough to understand the importance of long-tail keywords in your blogging then let’s move to your next query.

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How To Find Long Tail Keywords?

Basically, finding long-tail keywords is not a big deal in today’s online world.

Because nowadays a lot of online tools are available to find perfect long-tail keywords, some are paid & some’s are free.

I think you are finding a solution for how to rank without backlinks in this article, which means most of you are beginner bloggers.

Therefore, let’s go with free long-tail keywords tools, believe me, these tools are far better than some paid ones.

So, here is the list of 5 best free long tail keyword finders:

  • Quora
  • Answer The Public
  • KW Finder
  • Word Tracker
  • Google Auto Complete Tool

Level Up On-Page SEO Strategy:

If you want to rank a website on google’s first page without a backlink then you need to work very hard with your on-page SEO.

For your better understanding, must go through the below checkpoints,

Optimise page loading speed

Optimise heading & meta description

Optimise URL

Must add Image with proper optimization

Must include internal & outbound links

Split content into two-line paragraphs

Must add focus keyword in between first three paragraphs

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Increase Social Media Presence:

Nowadays every social media platform has millions of active users & this count increases very rapidly on a daily basis.

So, if you manage to drive some percent of traffic from them to your website, then ranking on google’s first page is not a difficult task for you.

Because, when google finds your website continuously driving a good amount of traffic from various social platforms.

That time they will treat your content as user intent content, which means they will automatically rank your blog content on top search results.

Therefore, if you want to rank on google without backlinks then you need to stay more active on every social media platform.

For more details, must-read, how to increase social media presence?

Analyse The Competitors Strategy:

In the field of blogging, research & analysis are the two major terms, in short, you can’t run a successful blog without implementing them.

To make it more simple for you, we are providing below some of the key points on how you can do competitors’ research & analysis.

Therefore, before writing any blog post must go through the below checkpoints,

  • Top 10 search results regarding your keywords
  • Length of their article
  • How many images do they include in their content
  • Number of internal & outbound links in their content
  • How they did the formating of their content
  • If they used a table of content or FAQ in their article

After analyzing competitors on the basis of the above checkpoints, make sure that you need to add some extra from them, to boost your ranking chances.

Upgrade The Content On a Regular Basis:

If you are worried about how to rank without backlinks, then content up-gradation on a regular interval of time is a great strategy for your google ranking.

Upgraded content is always prioritized by the google search engines in their top ranking results.

Also, every user likes to read a blog with a piece of updated information rather than a piece of outdated information.

So, don’t forget to update your blog content frequently to boost your search engine ranking without backlinks.

Must Use Google Question Hub Tool:

I must say, this tool is the most effective tool for every type of blogger, whether it is a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Google question hub gives you a list of those questions which are doesn’t cover by anyone, isn’t it great?

In short, these amazing tools give you a keyword idea that is not targeted by any bloggers.

By writing content on them you can easily rank on Google’s first page without building a single backlink.

To rank with the help of google question hub, you just need to submit your article link in the answer of related queries.

Final Thoughts On How To Rank Without Backlinks:

Every new blogger has a dream of ranking on google’s first page but due to lack of knowledge & execution, most of them aren’t achieve them.

Most of the newbies believe that backlink is the only necessary thing to rank on google.

Therefore, if they don’t build a backlink, they can’t rank on google.

But, the reality is, a backlink is just one of the ranking factors like others, in short, it is not a necessary factor at all for google ranking.

That means you can rank a website on google’s first page without building backlinks, now, the main question comes & that is, how it will happen?

Therefore, to help you out of it we are provided above some of the best & proven ways of how to rank without backlinks.

I hope, you will definitely implement the above ways in your blogging journey & boost your website ranking.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding the above information, feel free to ask in the below comment box section.

We will try to answer your query as early as possible. Will meet you in the next informative article, till then be smart, be digital!!!

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