5 Free Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing (Best & Responsive-2023)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:53 pm

If you are a beginner & want to earn money from affiliate marketing but don’t have enough knowledge about how to build a website?

Then this guide will turn very helpful for you because here we are discussing, how to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing.


In the early days of affiliate marketing, you required proper coding knowledge to build an affiliate website & promote various products.

But, nowadays, you can promote any affiliate product very easily with the help of landing pages.

Building a landing page is a more simple & time saver task, than creating a website to promote affiliate links.

Basically, there are plenty of landing page builders available on the internet, some of them are free & some are paid.

But, today we are discussing, some of the best free landing page builders, which can definitely help you to boost your affiliate income.

So, before starting our masterclass on best free landing page builders, firstly let’s understand the importance of landing pages in affiliate marketing.

Why should you need a landing page for affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you need a self-hosted platform to promote various affiliate products, whether it is a website or landing page.

Also, many high engaging social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, don’t allow you to share direct affiliate links to their platform.

So, in that scenario, you can paste your landing page link on your social platform to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

Landing pages always get good conversion rates as compared to websites.

How to optimize the landing pages for better conversion?

As, we said earlier, landing pages boost your affiliate business as compared to the website.

But, for this you need to follow some of the basics of landing page optimization, which we are mentioning below:

Use simple design:

Never use so many elements on your landing page, it will confuse your target audience.

Also, always create a landing page with a simple-to-access interface.

Catchy lines:

Must include some of the catchy lines in your landing page headings, which will definitely help you to attract more end-users.

Make sure that, these catchy lines must be related to your products.

Call to action:

CTA (call to action) element plays a very important role to convince your target customer.

So, set them in a button form with some eye-catching colors & wording at the center of your landing page.

Also, make sure that after clicking on the CTA button, your customer should land on the product purchase page.

A small intro about the product:

If you really want to boost your affiliate sales then try to write a short overview of your product on the landing page.

It will help you to increase the authority & engagement rate of your affiliate landing page.

A detailed overview about products can make your users boring & there are high chances that this user can bounce back from your page.

Avoid too many links:

A landing page with several links can irritate people & it will also encourage them to exit your page.

Therefore, always try to use only one link on your affiliate landing page & this link should add to your CTA button.

Whereas, if you add multiple links on your page, then make sure that every link should open on the product purchase page only.

Free landing page templates for affiliate marketing:

Finally, we are coming to our main topic of discussion & that is which are the best & free landing pages for affiliate marketing?

So, here is your answer,


When we talk about the best free landing page builder, Wix is the platform that leads the race with so many margins.

Due, to its super simple customization options, plenty of category-wise free landing page templates & many more advanced features.

The best part about Wix is you can create a free landing page for affiliate marketing by following some simple steps.


If you want to make money online by utilizing the massive traffic of various social platforms then linktree is the perfect platform for you.

Because the majority of social platforms can’t allow you to promote your affiliate links directly through their platform.

Somehow, if you managed to paste your link on such high traffic source social platform, still they can block your link immediately.

So, at that time you can drive traffic on your affiliate links by optimizing various free landing page templates of the linktree.

Also, you can track your affiliate link performance easily with these super simple free-to-use landing page builders.

The unique thing about linktree is they allow you to promote various affiliate links on a single landing page.


Hubspot platform is based on customer relationship management principles, therefore they are a highly optimized platform for their users.

You can create your best-ever landing page for affiliate marketing in just a few clicks through HubSpot, even if you are a complete beginner.

Hubspot is a one-stop destination to build a free landing page for every niche category.

This platform owns plenty of advanced features, which will definitely help you to boost your affiliate sales.


As per the name, you can create a free landing page for affiliate marketing through this platform in a double-quick time.

Quickpages platform offers you a wide range of free landing page templates for your every online business.

You can easily create a professional landing page with the help of these amazing platforms, without any technical knowledge.

Also, in this platform, you don’t need to waste too much time on customization, due to its beginner-friendly customization tools.

Quickpages is a highly recommended platform for every beginner affiliate marketer,s who wants to start their online journey from scratch.

Groove Funnels:

Groove funnels are also based on customer relationship management principles, therefore it gives the best ever user experience to their customers.

This platform is a highly automated digital platform for each & every online product & solution.

As per many experts, this platform provides you a premium landing page builder features, at free of cost, isn’t it great?

Also, this platform was best ever designed for every niche affiliate product.

Therefore, you can start & grow your affiliate journey easily through this free landing page builder.

Final Thoughts On Best Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing :

Landing pages boost an affiliate business to the next level.

Now anyone can start their affiliate business without building a time-consuming website & without having any technical knowledge.

This whole is happening just because of landing pages.

Many influencers already utilizing the power of landing pages to grow their online businesses, why don’t you join them?

So, to help you out of it, we made this super simple guide on, which is the best free landing page for affiliate marketing.

I hope, you will start & grow your affiliate journey by optimizing one of the free landing pages templates, which we mentioned above.

In your that affiliate journey, if you find any difficulty, feel free to ask us.

We will always are happy to hold your hand & to help you in your affiliate journey!!!

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