Best SEO Tutorial For Beginners (Learn SEO From Scratch-2023)

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Hey, if you looking for a complete SEO tutorial for beginners then this guide will help you a lot.

Because here we are going to cover all the basics of SEO, which will surely help you to learn SEO from scratch.


If you are an online marketer or a person who wants to build their online empire then you can’t afford to ignore the power of SEO.

I must say, SEO is a real backbone of your every online business, whether it is Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, or YouTube.

Without SEO you can’t survive in the online world for a longer period of time.

I think this intro is enough to understand how valuable is today’s guide, so, without wasting much more time let’s get started.

What Is SEO & How It Works?

In simple terms, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This means with the help of SEO you can rank your content on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & many more.

A higher ranking means more engagement or traffic & more traffic means more revenue, as simple as this.

In short, SEO helps you to boost your search engine ranking as well as boost your revenue at the same time.

How SEO Works?

SEO works on a very simple principle that to provide relevant & quality content to the readers.

Let, me explain to you in a more simple term, whenever we search any query on Google they show us thousands of results, am I right?

All of these results are based on your query, which means that time Google crawls thousands of websites to provide relevant information to you.

When Google crawler finds someone optimizes their content on the basis of your query then Google promotes their website in front of you.

In short, when you implement effective SEO techniques to optimize your blog that time there are higher chances to rank on Google’s top results.

Basics Of SEO:

As I mentioned earlier, SEO is all about serving quality content to users.

To write quality content you should follow the below steps, where we share all the basics of SEO, which help you to write SEO-friendly content on your blog.

So, here are some basic & effective tips to improve the SEO of your website:

1) Optimize the heading of an article

2) Write a proper meta description

3) Make a professional URL

4) Focus on long-tail keywords

5) Always use LSI keywords in your content

6) Write content on a users intent

7) Must add images with proper optimization in your content

8) Work on website loading speed

9) Always do internal & outbound linking

10) Use a responsive & mobile friendly theme for your website

11) Try to write content in short paragraphs

If you want an in-depth guide on all the above SEO tips then must visit the below article:

Step by step guide for writing SEO friendly content

Importance Of SEO:

SEO is a key ranking factor considered by Google, without proper SEO you can’t survive in the Google ranking game for a longer period of time.

Therefore, in this complete SEO tutorial for beginners now it’s time to understand what is the importance of SEO.

Basically, there are tonnes of benefits of SEO for every online business,

Here are some of the key benefits of SEO for your online business:

1) SEO helps you to grow organically

2) SEO helps you to increase the authority of your website

3) With the help of SEO you can stay on top of search results for a longer period of time

4) SEO will help you to boost your conversion rate

5) SEO helps you to give a better user experience

6) SEO improves the trust & credibility of your website without spending a single penny

7) SEO helps you to get high ROI & conversions

What Are The Different Types Of SEO?

Now, it’s a very important phase in this complete SEO tutorial for beginners guide, because here we are going to talk about various types of SEO.

Therefore, stay more focused here to learn SEO from scratch.

Basically, there are different types of SEO that take place in online marketing, but very few of them are really important ones to grow your online business.

So, to make things easier for you below we are uncovering 7 important types of SEO:

1) White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO refers to a rank a website by following Google’s or any other search engine’s guidelines.

For example, when any website organically ranks on Google search results, means this website is ranking with white hat SEO techniques.

White hat SEO is a time-consuming SEO technique, where you have to be kept some patience to achieve desired results.

Below are some proven tactics to rank your website with the help of white hat SEO:

  • Optimize your article with focus & relevant keywords
  • Add focus keyword in the title, meta description & URL
  • Do internal & outbound linking in every article
  • Use SEO optimized images in your blog content
  • Use H1, H2 & H3 tag in your blog post
  • Add a social share button on your website

2) Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is a completely opposite process as compared with white hat SEO.

In that process, users manipulate search engine guidelines to rank their website in top search results.

One of the biggest disadvantages of black hat SEO techniques is, if Google identified that your website is ranking with the help of the black hat SEO technique then they can ban your website for a lifetime.

This means after the ban you can’t rank your website on Google.

Here are some black hat SEO tactics that you have to avoid:

  • Keywords stuffing
  • Low-quality content
  • Paying for links
  • Cloaking
  • Misleading redirections

3) Grey Hat SEO:

Grey hat SEO is basically the combination of white hat SEO & black hat SEO techniques.

In the early phase of blogging grey hat SEO can help you to boost your ranking but it’s over to you, how finely you can implement these SEO techniques on your blog.

Grey hat SEO is not completely illegal but it’s closer to black hat SEO, therefore, be careful at the time of implementing the grey hat SEO technique for your website.

Here are some tactics of grey hat SEO techniques:

  • Using expired domains
  • Using PBN (Private Blog Networks) to rank content
  • Buiding microblog sites according to your main website
  • Creating multiple social media accounts
  • Increasing keyword density with hidden text
  • Spinning content

4) Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is basically as similar as black hat SEO techniques

this type of SEO technique is usually used to destroy competitors’ ranking.

In negative SEO techniques, hackers basically manipulate or force Google to de-index competitors’ sites.

Here are some negative SEO tactics:

  • Link farming
  • Posting similar content like competitors sites on multiple websites
  • Building fake social media account against competitors site
  • Changing competitors robot.txt file
  • Unnecessary bulk comments on the competitor’s website
  • Adding malware
  • Fraud clicks on competitors ads

5) On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is all about optimizing your website pages to rank higher on Google search results & at the same time to drive more traffic on it.

On-page SEO plays a very vital role in Google ranking.

As we all know, Google changes its algorithm at a regular interval of time to serve quality & valuable content to their users.

After every new core update from Google, many websites lose their top ranking due to improper optimization.

But, if you rank your website with the help of on-page SEO techniques then no one can decrease your ranking.

In short on-page SEO is one of the key ranking factors considered by Google.

Here are some on-page SEO tactics, which will definitely help you to boost your site’s Google ranking:

  • Optimizing your articles title & meta description with a focus keyword
  • Add a focus keyword in the first paragraph of your blog post
  • Improve website loading speed
  • Apply mobile friendly & responsive theme on your website
  • Create user-friendly content
  • Optimize H1 & H2 tag with the focus keyword
  • Submit your site’s sitemap in Google search console
  • Must do text formatting (use of bold, italics, underline, etc.)

6) Off-Page SEO:

As per the name refers off-page SEO is an activity, which you perform outside of your own website.

The activity, which helps you to improve your site’s ranking as well authority on Google search results.

Many peoples think off-page SEO means just building backlinks for their website, but in reality, off-page SEO includes many other important activities.

Here are some off-page SEO tactics that you must implement on your site to improve your website ranking:

  • Create quality backlinks according to your niche
  • Share articles on every social platform like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  • Contribute as a guest author on top websites
  • Stay more active on Q&A sites
  • Work on web 2. 0
  • Join various forums related to your content

7) Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is one of the most important things in this whole SEO tutorial for beginners’ guide.

Therefore if you want to learn SEO from scratch then you can’t afford to ignore this step.

Because, if your technical SEO is poor, then you can’t ever rank on Google.

Basically, technical SEO is all about optimizing your website for the crawling & indexing process, where the majority of newbies face a lot of issues.

So, here are some very helpful technical SEO tactics, which will help you to index your website in Google:

  • Optimize the robots.txt file of your website
  • Optimize site’s URL structure
  • Optimize your website’s XML Sitemap
  • Add SSL on your server
  • Submit your site in Google search console
  • Register your site with Google analytics

Final Thoughts On SEO Tutorial For Beginners:

Undoubtedly SEO is the real USP between your website & users.

Therefore, when you optimize your site by implementing various powerful SEO techniques Google automatically improves your ranking.

So, always optimize your site with the help of the above powerful SEO techniques for getting better end results in terms of ranking.

I hope this SEO tutorial for beginners guide, will help you to understand or learn SEO from scratch.

Still, if you are stuck at any of the above SEO techniques, feel free to ask in the below comment box section.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your known ones, because sharing is the real caring in this modern era!!!

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