5 Best Web Hosting For Beginner Bloggers In 2023

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:49 pm

Hey, so finally you made your decision to start your first ever money-making blog. I must say, it’s a great decision.

But, now you are stuck on one of the major questions, where many newbie bloggers are stuck & that is, which is the best web hosting for beginner bloggers?

Am I right?


Don’t worry, from today onwards this question may not be a hurdle in your blogging journey.

Because today we are uncovering here some of the best & affordable web hosting services for you.

So far we use various web hosting services on our multiple blogs & by analyzing the performance of all of them, we are making this guide.

Therefore, trust me, all the below-mentioned WordPress hostings are personally tested & verified by us on various parameters.

In short, you will get here some of the best out of best web hosting services for your brand new blog.

So, without wasting much more time, let’s get started.

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Best Web Hosting For Beginner Bloggers:

Basically hosting plays a very vital role in your blogging journey, therefore you have to pick it very carefully.

So, to make your task quite easier, here is the list of some best web hosting for beginner bloggers:

1) Hostinger Web Hosting:

Hostinger Diggiswapp

If you are looking for the best & reasonable web hosting provider for your first ever blog, then Hostinger is always a perfect choice for you.

I must say, the Hostinger web hosting structure is specially designed for every beginner blogger.

Hostinger is a well-known global platform, which has a wide range of happy customers around 29 million from 178 countries.

Here are some of the reasons, why Hostinger:

  • Affordable for beginners
  • Easy to access
  • Average Uptime 99.9%
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Single click WordPress installation
Hostinger Diggi Swapp 1

The best part about the Hostinger platform is, if you are not satisfied with their services, then they can refund your money in the span of one month.

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2) Bluehost Web Hosting:

Bluehost Diggiswapp

Bluehost is the most recommended web hosting by many of the industry experts, due to its top-class performance.

If you want to build a blog, professional website, or online store, this hosting has there several plans for you.

Bluehost is the only hosting company which is recommended by one of the best content management systems called “WordPress”

This web hosting has a super simple user interface, which you can easily handle without having any technical background.

Here are some of the features of the Bluehost web hosting:

  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Easy drag & drop website builder
  • 24×7 customer support
  • 100+ free WordPress themes
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free staging environment
BlueHost Diggi Swapp 1

If you are looking for a solution for your long-run online business then Bluehost will be perfect for you.

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3) GreenGeeks Web Hosting:

GreenGeeks Diggiswapp

GreenGeeks is the most popular hosting provider company worldwide, which is established in the year of 2008.

In just a few years of time span, these web hosting company leading the hosting market due to their high-quality performance.

GreenGeeks hosting is a bundle of advanced features, which can definitely help your website to boost its Google ranking.

Nowadays, GreenGeeks is the best web hosting for beginner bloggers in various manners, like pricing-wise, performance-wise & much more.

Some of the key highlights of GreenGeeks web hosting:

  • Super fast loading speed
  • Highly advanced security
  • Free CDN
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited web space & email accounts
  • Free SSL for all sites
GreenGeeks Diggi Swapp

GreenGeeks is the only hosting provider company, who has eco-friendly servers.

GreenGeeks also offers you multiple web hosting plans according to your hosting requirements & budget.

4) A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting Diggiswapp

The major plus point to purchase A2 hosting is, this hosting is one of the fastest web hosting as compared to other hosting providers.

Undoubtedly these web hosting services ruling the online market for the last couple of years.

A2 hosting service is quite expensive than Hostinger & Bluehost, but by analyzing its overall performance I can definitely say that this hosting is value for money.

If you ask me which is the best & reasonable web hosting service provider for high traffic blogs, then I must recommend A2 hosting.

Here are some of the key features of A2 web hosting services:

  • Unlimited SSD space & transfer
  • Free & easy site migration
  • 99.9% uptime commitment
  • Free automatic backups
  • Speed optimized WordPress
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
A2 Diggi Swapp

One of the greatest things about A2 hosting is they offer you any time money-back guarantee with their every purchase.

That means, after purchasing A2 hosting, if you will not be satisfied with their performance then you can get your money return back anytime.

5) HostGator Web Hosting:

Hostgator Diggiswapp

If you are a beginner blogger then Hostgator is also the best hosting for starting a new blog.

Hostgator is one of the oldest hosting service providers in the hosting industry, it was established in the year of 2002.

These hosting services offer you multiple plans according to your budget.

Therefore it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert who required the biggest hosting for their multiple blogs.

Some of the key highlights of HostGator web hosting:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Free site transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL
  • Excellent live customer support
Hostgator Diggi Swapp

If you are a newbie & don’t have enough money to spend on the web hosting plan, then Hostgator is always a better choice for you.

Because this hosting company offers you the best & cheapest web hosting per year.

Frequently Asked Questions On Which Is The Best & Reasonable Web Hosting Service Provider In India:

Can I run a website without hosting?

The honest answer to this question is yes you can run a website without hosting.
But, you can’t run such kind of website in the long run because without hosting website can’t handle even a minimum amount of traffic.

What are the benefits of hosting a website?

There are multiple benefits of hosting a website, let’s talk about some of the important ones below:
1) Increases website security
2) Improves website reliability & uptime
3) Boosts search engine ranking
4) Effective data management
5) Technical support

Where I can host my website for free?

Basically, there is plenty of platforms to host a website for free but very few of them are really worth it.
Here is the list of the best free platforms to run your website:
1) Blogger
2) Medium
3) Wix
But, if you really want to do serious blogging then this is not possible or you can say it is a tougher task with these free alternatives.

My Recommendation On Which Is The Best & Reasonable Web Hosting Provider In India:

Basically, all the above-mentioned hosting services are the best web hosting for beginner bloggers & I personally used all of them on my various blogs.

By considering my experience with all of them, I have given ranking to these web hosting services.

Still, if you asked me which is the best web hosting for you as a beginner, then I will recommend you go with Hostinger or Bluehost.

Because these two are my personal favorite due to their overall performance & user-friendly interface.

Also, both are budget-friendly for beginner bloggers.

Apart from these two, starting a blogging journey with GreenGeeks web hosting is also not a bad option at all.

Now, it’s over to you, which hosting you should buy for your money-making blog.

I’m pretty much confident that this guide will help you to make your decision.

Well, now it’s time to leave, will meet you in the next valuable guide!

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