In-depth Guide On SEO For Images -Everything You Need To Know

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Images play a very vital role in your article. If you do a proper SEO for images then your site can rank on the basis of images only.

This is the power of image optimization. Therefore try to include at least one image with proper SEO in your article.

This strategy can surely help you to improve your google ranking.


Most of the websites drive a massive amount of traffic on their blogs with the help of image SEO.

I must say, Images are the main USP of every article. So, utilize the power of this USP to rank your article.

That doesn’t mean, you just need to add an image in your blog post & your job is done.

If you want to rank on google’s top pages with the help of Images then, must go through the below image SEO process.

Image SEO Tips:

Here are some proven tips to follow for your website ranking with the help of proper image SEO:

Set A Proper Dimension:

Dimensions are one of the most important factors in image SEO, so must customize your image dimensions before uploading on a blog.

The ideal image size is 640×400 pixels for every article, these size images are eye-catching or appropriate for every user.

This size is also perfect for infographics images.

One more important thing is always try to maintain equal dimensions for every image, which you upload on your website.

It looks quite professional to your users, it also helps you to build the authority of your website.

Choose A Appropriate Format:

Basically, images have two file formats, one is jpg. & another one is png., both file formats have their own importance in image SEO.

I know it is quite complex to understand, let me explain you in a more simple term.

The jpg. format images are mainly used for general graphics images where more clarity doesn’t require.

Whereas png. format images are mainly used for infographics where information matters more than graphics.

png. format images acquire more space as compared to jpg format. So, must use a suitable image format on the basis of the requirement.

Use A Attractive Colour Combination:

Colour makes every image beautiful, a better colour combination can attract more attention from users.

Always try to use a light colour background with little dark colour graphics in your blog images.

These colour combination images make a very positive impact on users’ minds.

When you succeed to make your user happy, this will indirectly impact positively on your search engine ranking.

Focus On Image Size:

The size of images is one of the major ranking factors considered by the Google search engine.

So, always work on image size before using it in your blog post.

If you want to rank your website with the help of images then, make sure that your image size should not exceed the limit of 100kb.

More than 100kb size images make a negative impact on page loading speed, which indirectly impacts your Google ranking.

Therefore, always compressed the image size before uploading a blog post.

There are plenty of websites available for compressed images online, but the best one is

This website compresses the images without losing their quality, which is one of the best things for image optimization for SEO.

Alt Text Is Necessary:

Alt-text stands for alternative text, which is specifically used to describe the content of the image.

Images rank on Google on the basis of their alt text, so don’t forget to use alt text in your images.

At the time of writing alt text, make sure that you are including the primary keyword of your blog post in the alt text.

Also, use (-) instead of giving space between two words. at the time of writing alt text.

Alt text helps the user to reach their desired content on the basis of images.

Create Unique Images:

Always include unique images in your content, that will help you to improve the user’s engagement on your website.

When you work on image SEO, one of the most important thing you need to keep in mind is, always to create images on your own.

Never try to use someone else images in your content, it will affect your website ranking badly.

In some exceptional cases, if you use others’ images in your content then don’t forget to mention the source of an image.

If you use others’ images in your blog post without giving credit to them, then you will get Copywrite notice from them.

This will reflect very negatively on your blog SEO.

Also, always try to make images as simple as you can.

Customise Image File Name:

Whenever you create an image for your blog post, always try to save it by using the primary keyword of your article.

When you upload this kind of image in your article, it gives a clear indication to google regarding your keyword.

This strategy indirectly helps you to rank your blog post, on the basis of your image optimization.

So, must use this pro trick to utilize the benefits of image optimization.

FAQ’s About image SEO:

What is SEO for images?

Nowadays Google gives an organic reach to new websites, with the help of their Google images section.
For this, you need to do proper optimization of your images as per search engine requirements.
In short, you need to do SEO for images.

Do images help SEO?

The honest & short answer to this question is ‘Yes. As I mentioned earlier images play a very important role in blog SEO.
Without image optimization, your website SEO will always be incomplete.
Therefore image optimization not only helps SEO but also boosts SEO.

Does Image Size Matter For SEO?

As per Google ranking factors, image size matters a lot in SEO. It directly makes an impact on page loading speed.
If you kept the image size more, then it increases the opening time of your page. Which indirectly increases the bounce rate of your blog.
When the bounce rate increases on any website, Google decreases the search engine ranking of such websites.

Does Google Crawl Images?

Absolutely Yes, when google crawls any website they crawl a whole page of their website.
At the time of the Google crawling process, if you embedded any image in your blog content then it automatically crawled by Google.
Image alt text plays a very crucial role in the image crawling process, which is done by Google at regular intervals of time.

How Do Optimize Images For WordPress?

In WordPress with the help of plugins, you can easily optimize your blog images in double-quick time.
Image optimization for a WordPress website is quite easier than a blogger-hosted website.
Basically, there are plenty of plugins available in the WordPress platform to optimize images.
But, the best & reliable one is the shortpixel image optimizer, anyone can easily optimize images for SEO by using this plugin.


Image optimization is the need for SEO, without image SEO your website can not succeed to grab Google’s attention.

Therefore, must do SEO for images before using them on your blog post.

To make your task easier we tried to provide you with some image SEO hacks in this article, must implement them.

I hope the above guide will help you to grow your Google ranking.

Still, if you are stuck on any point, the below comment box section is built only for you.

Also, do not forget to share with your known ones because sharing is the real caring in blogging!!!

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