13 Blogging Mistakes- Must Avoid To Become Successful Blogger (don’t ignore)

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:35 pm

Starting a blogging journey is not a big deal in today’s modern decade, anyone can start their blog easily.

But, the biggest task is to grow your blog out of nowhere & to start earning from it.

The majority of peoples faces failure in this crucial task due to some simple blogging mistakes.


At the initial phase of blogging no one thinking about failure, everyone always focusing on success.

In that scenario newbie bloggers always make some common mistakes in their blog which harm their entire blogging career.

So, to avoid this kind of blogging mistake & to make your blogging journey successful today’s guide will help you a lot.

Let’s understand the mistakes, which can damage your blogging journey.

Most Common Blogging Mistakes:

Here are some most common blogging mistakes that you should avoid for becoming a successful blogger,

Never Stick On One Topic or Niche:

In the initial stage of blogging, every newbie blogger is always confused about their niche or topic.

In that phase of blogging, they observe others’ blogs more & if they found someone else blog, that’s reaching a good amount of traffic.

Then, they try to write a similar type of content on their blog even if this content is not related to their niche.

In the greed of traffic, they trying to cover every topic on their blog. This activity passes a very negative signal to Google.

Due to this, Google never indexes such types of mixed content or mixed niche website.

So, always stick with one topic on one website to get success in blogging.

Never Do A Proper Keyword Research:

To rank your blog, proper keyword research is the most important step while writing content.

Most of the bloggers skip this step, because of this, their content never ranks on the Google search engine.

If your blog is new & you are writing content by considering the “one-word keyword” then you will never rank on Google.

Whenever you start a new blog, always try to include long-tail & fewer traffic keywords in your content.

Always Focusing On Quantity Rather Than Quality Of Content:

Most of the bloggers think that, if they write a long length article then they can beat their competitors easily.

This is a totally wrong understanding. In the field of blogging, the quality of content matters a lot rather than the quantity of content.

So, if you are doing the same blogging mistakes with your content then, you need to work on it immediately to avoid failure in blogging.

Always try to convey your content with short & specific words to your users, for better results.

Copying Someone Else Content & Publishing It On Their Blog:

I know in the earlier phase of blogging, no one can write their articles like a pro blogger.

But, that doesn’t mean you can create your blog post by copying content from several websites.

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes, which is made by plenty of bloggers.

Peoples think if they create an article by mixing the content from several websites then, google can’t identify them & can rank them.

If you are also working with a similar mindset then, it’s time to wake up. Because with this strategy Google can ban your website forever.

Using Large Size Images:

Never use large-size images on your blog post, whose size is more than 100kb.

Basically, there are two types of images you can post on your article, one is png & another is jpg form.

Png form is mainly used for infographics & jpg form use for normal images. Png form images acquire more space than jpg.

Therefore, always try to use jpg forms images rather than png forms to improve page loading speed.

Large size images can affect badly on page loading speed, which indirectly affects to your Google search engine ranking.

Google never ranks such kinds of blogs that required more time to load.

So, if you want to improve your ranking then must avoid this kind of simple blogging mistake.

Doesn’t Work On Social Presence:

If you running a blog then, you have to create various social identities regarding your niche for better engagement.

Smart bloggers drive a majority of blog traffic from various social media platforms.

Social media is one of the most important & powerful weapons in today’s modern decade.

If you are a blogger & not using this weapon to grow your blog audience then, you are doing a huge mistake.

So, avoid this kind of silly blogging mistake & grow your blog traffic by using various social media platforms.

Trying To Manipulate Google (Biggest Blogging Mistakes):

Most of the newbie bloggers think that they can easily manipulate Google search engines by using the black hat SEO technique.

But, let me show you the mirror of reality, Google is the world’s top search engine, which has a large team of top-class technicians.

They change their core algorithm after every year to maintain their standard.

Therefore, if you try to rank your website by manipulating Google, it can be rank for some days.

But, when Google recognizes that you are ranking with the help of negative SEO, they can ban your website for a lifetime.

So, be smart & stay away from such kinds of worst strategies.

Mostly Focusing On Keyword Stuffing:

The keyword stuffing strategy is considered the black hat SEO technique by the Google search engine.

So, as I mentioned earlier, this kind of trick can harm your website rather than benefits you.

Always, try to use 1% keyword density on the basis of your article length, to get better results from your blog.

Using Too Much Links In Content:

When any new users open your blog to read & if they found so many links then, how can they stay with your blog?

Using links of the older posts in recent content is a good technique to grow your website.

But, that doesn’t mean you should feel your blog content with full of internal & external links.

Lots of links can irritate your user & they can bounce back from your blog in a double-quick time.

So, to avoid such a scenario try to use fewer internal & outbound links in your content.

Using 3 Internal & 2 outbound links is always a great strategy, to pass a link juice.

More Focusing On Backlinks:

Yes, a quality backlink can boost your search engine ranking, but in the initial stage of blogging, it is not as effective.

As a newbie blogger if you focus more on backlinks rather than your content, then you can’t survive long in your blogging journey.

Because in the initial days of blogging, your content quality matters a lot rather than a quality of a backlink.

If your content is helpful & quality then, you can easily get plenty of backlinks without putting any extra effort.

Writing A Short Content:

If you write shorter content on your blog then, your blog ranking chances are very less.

Also, it will increase the bounce rate of your website, which is one of the biggest drawbacks in terms of good SEO.

Therefore, try to write at least 1000-1500 words content in the initial days of the blogging journey.

Always Focused To Get AdSense Approval:

Many bloggers start blogging by keeping in mind that, blogging can make them rich in a shorter time span.

Therefore, they focused more desperately on getting Adsense approval & earning money from day 1.

But, the harsh reality is completely opposite to their thinking. You can not earn money in blogging from day 1.

Therefore, stop running to get AdSense approval earlier. Because, if you however managed to get Adsense approval on your new blog.

Still, you can’t earn a single penny. Because without healthy traffic your Adsense is not worth it.

So, firstly stop doing this kind of common blogging mistake & start focusing more on your blog content quality.

Quitting Blogging In A Shorter Time Span:

As i mentioned above that, Blogging is not an overnight money-making technique, it takes a time to grow & build your audience.

You can’t grow your blog in just a span of 2-3 months, you need to stay consistent at least 1 year with your blog, to get desired returns.

You need to be more patient & more consistent to get better results from your blog.

If you don’t have the above qualities then, blogging is not a perfect career option for you.

Final Thoughts On Common Blogging Mistakes:

Many bloggers start blogging without knowing the basics of blogging & that’s why they face failure in this field.

Therefore, we are tried to introduce all the common blogging mistakes, that you should avoid for better results.

I hope this guide will turn very helpful in your blogging career, to become a successful blogger.

Still, if you want to discuss any kind of your doubts, the whole comment box is waiting for you.

Do share with your friends & family to avoid them from making the above blogging mistakes!!!

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