7 Best Alternative To Blogger For Newbies-2023

Last updated on August 1st, 2023 at 07:36 pm

Hey, are you looking for the best Blogger alternative?

If yes, then we will help you out of it with the help of the below guide.

Because, here we are going to share some of the best alternative to Blogger platforms, which can surely ease your blogging journey.


As the majority of beginners always give their first preference to blogger platforms for starting their blogging journey.

But, after a certain period of time, they realize that growing a blog to the next level with these free Blogger platforms is such a difficult task. I think this is the fact.

So, to help you out of it & to make things easier for you, we uncover below some of the best alternative to Blogger platforms.

Why Look for Blogger Alternatives?

Before directly jumping to the best blogger alternatives, firstly, let’s understand why you need blogger alternatives.

Blogger is a completely free-to-use platform, which has plenty of limitations as compared to other popular blogging platforms. Which can surely make your blogging journey more difficult.

Here are some of the major cons of the Blogger platform:

Limited customization options:

As Blogger is a completely free-to-use platform, they have very restricted customization options.

You can’t customize your blog pages according to your niche or users’ interest in this free blogging platform.

You don’t own your blog:

As Blogger is a Google product therefore they have complete rights to this platform.

They can dismiss your site from their platform at any time & without giving you any primary intimation.

Poor support:

As Blogger is Google’s free-to-use blogging platform, they have lack customer support.

This means if any major issue occurs on your website then you need to fix it on your own or wait for a longer period of time to resolve it from their executive.

Limited features:

To rank your blog to the next level, you required some advanced-level features.

This is not offered by the Blogger platform, which impacts your website’s growth.

Hard to optimize a blog for SEO:

As we discussed earlier the Blogger platform comes with limited features & customization options.

Which indirectly impacts your website SEO, due to this writing an SEO-friendly article is a more difficult task with the Blogger platform.

In short, optimizing the blog as per SEO requirements in the free Blogger platform is quite difficult.

For major changes required coding knowledge:

In the Blogger platform, if you want to do some major changes in your site layout or design, then you have to be an expert in coding.

Otherwise, you can’t do it manually.

Best Blogger Alternatives For Newbies:

Here is the list of some best alternatives for Blogger platform,


Wix is one of the best alternative to Blogger platform, where with just drag & drop you can build a professional website.

This platform is super simple to use for every beginner, even those who don’t have any knowledge of coding.


The best part about Wix is, this platform offers you tonnes of professional website templates with highly advanced features, which makes your customization work super simple.

Wix is available on both versions free & paid. As per the pricing point of view, they offer pocket-friendly plans to their users.


Medium is my personal favorite self-hosted Blogger alternative platform.

It is a completely free-to-use platform like a Blogger, but it is very easy to use as compared to Blogger.


They offer their own partner program to their users to monetize their content.

Also, with the help of this platform, you can share your articles on every popular social site very easily.

I must say, if you are a complete beginner blogger & looking for the best Blogger alternatives then Medium is not a bad choice at all.


Weebly is another one of the best Blogger alternatives to create your own money-making blog without spending a single penny.

It is also a self-hosted blogging platform with tonnes of professional themes & designs.


This platform is best suited for creating an e-commerce website.

They also offer you two plans, one is free & another is paid.

If you are a beginner blogger then the free plan is quite enough for you but if you want to uncover some more advanced level features then enroll in a paid one.


WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for every type of blogger like newbies, intermediate & experts.


This platform is working on a content management system, where you easily create a professional-looking blog, without having zero coding knowledge.

But, to run a successful blog with WordPress you need to purchase hosting to host your WordPress blog.

Almost every hosting provider has an inbuilt option for one-click WordPress installation, therefore with this platform, you can easily create your money-making blog.


Joomla is another most popular & open sources content management platform to create a pro-level blog in some very quick steps.

Most of hosting provider companies provide a quick Joomla installation option in their plan.

So, you can easily create your dream blog without adding some extra effort.


This platform is filled with tonnes of customization options, so you can easily give appropriate look to your website.

The major drawback of this platform is, you need to purchase hosting to run a blog with Joomla.


Tumbler is basically a social networking platform, which is established in 2007.

But, over a period of time, this platform is highly popular as a microblogging platform, where you can express yourself, discover yourself & can build a strong community according to your niche.


If you are an affiliate marketer, who wants to drive a targeted audience on their referral link then Tumbler is the most effective alternative to Blogger.

They also have their Tumbler app, which helps their users to upload & publish an article with their smartphones.

This platform doesn’t provide you with many customization options but for newbies, it’s more

than enough.


Squarespace is also a great alternative to Blogger platform for creating your own blog.

This platform helps us to build a website in a shorter time period with the help of their easy drag & drop feature.


Squarespace platform is best suited for almost every type of website like a portfolio, business, e-commerce & many more.

My Recommendation On Best Blogger Alternative:

If you really wanna make a profitable blog, then I highly recommend you to go with the WordPress & Hostinger combination.

WordPress is the perfect blogging platform for every type of blogger & Hostinger is an affordable and value-for-money hosting provider.

Hostinger also has an inbuilt quick installation option for WordPress, therefore you can easily create your dream website with this most popular combination.

FAQ’s About Best Alternative To Blogger:

Can you create a blog for free?

Yes, of course, you can create your website without spending a single penny.
All the above platforms offer you paid & free plans.

Which is the best free site for blogging?

I think, all the above mention sites are the best sites for blogging but again it depends upon you.
You need to choose a blogging platform on the basis of your niche requirements rather than asking anyone.

Do people read blogs anymore?

The clear answer to this question is “Big YES”.
In this online era, everyone uses Google to get answers to their questions.
I think this is enough to get your answer.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a complete beginner & doing blogging as a hobby or for fun then the Blogger platform is best for you.

But, if you seriously want to make some money from blogging, then you should move to any of the above best alternative to Blogger.

I hope, the above guide helps you to make your decision. Don’t forget to comment down below your favorite Blogger alternatives.

Also, please share this guide with all your known ones to educate more & more people.

Because sharing is the real caring in today’s modern era!

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