25+ Best Free Blogging Tools For Beginners (2023)

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Hey guys, if you just started your blogging journey & don’t have enough money to spend on various blogging tools then don’t worry.

Because in this article we are uncovering some of the best & free blogging tools for beginners like you.


Blogging tools are the real gems in your blogging journey, which help you to ease your journey towards being a successful blogger.

So, are you ready to utilize the power of free blogging tools for your first ever blog?

Then, let’s get started.

Free Blogging Tools For Beginners:

Trust me, all these free blogging tools are extremely effective to grow your blog from scratch.

One of the best things about the below blogging tools is, they all are equally capable in terms of results as compared to some of the premium tools.

1) Free Keyword Research Tools:

Keyword research plays a vital role in your Google ranking.

Therefore to ease your task here are some of the best & free keyword research tools.


Ubersuggest is not just a keyword research tool but also a complete SEO analytics package.

This tool also helps you to get relevant keyword ideas with their SEO difficulty & monthly search volume.


Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords Everywhere are one of the best free chrome extension, which gives you a long list of related keywords on every Google search.

As per the name, after successful installation of this extension, they show you a variety of keyword ideas on every Google search.

Google Auto-complete:

Google is the perfect platform to find long-tail keywords for your money-making blog.

You just need to type your target keyword & hit the space button in the Google search bar then the rest of the task will Google do for you.

H-super tools:

H-Supertools is another complete & free SEO tool like Ubbersuggest.

With the help of this free blogging tool, you can find keyword ranking difficulty scores with their monthly searches.

Answer The Public:

Answer The Public tool is a great way to discover long-tail keywords for your blog post.

2) Free Image Editing Resources:

Images are the real soul of every blog post, therefore always publish an article with SEO-optimized images for better search engine ranking.

To create an eye-catching image for your article, below free image editing resources will help you a lot.


Canva is a freemium image editing tool, which helps you to create professional-looking images for your website.


I must say, this is one of the best free image editing resources for every blogger, whether it is a beginner, intermediate, or expert.


Large-size images affect your blog loading speed, which indirectly impacts very negatively on your Google ranking.

Therefore, always try to add compressed images in your blog post.

ShortPixel is a great free tool to compress image size without losing its quality.


Pixlr is the easy-to-use free image editing tool, which is best suited for every beginner blogger.

Pixlr helps you to create attractive images for your online business.

3) Free Blog Writing Resources:

Blogging is all about serving quality content to your users & to maintain the quality of your article here are some pro-level tools for you.


Grammarly is one of the most essential tools for bloggers & every writer, who wants to serve a quality article to their audience.


Grammarly helps you to write an article without any grammatical mistakes.

Google Translate:

Google provides you completely free-to-use writing assistant to make your blogging journey smoother.

By using Google translate, you can write content in your own language & then you can translate it in any desired language you want.

The best part about this great tool is, you can add content to this tool with your voice also.


This tool helps you to schedule your blog content.

In short, you can use this free tool as a content calendar or content planner.

4) Free Blog Analytics Tools:

Analysis helps you to improve your blog ranking or overall blog performance.

Therefore, you should analyze your website at regular intervals of time, by using below highly advanced tools.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most amazing tool, to track your blog performance on various parameters like traffic, bounce rate, traffic by location & many more.


Google Search Console:

Google search console is another best free tool for bloggers to analyze their blog overall performance.

With the help of this tool, you can easily track which blog post or keyword doing great for you.


Website loading speed is one of the important ranking factors considered by Google.

GTMetrix is an excellent tool to get an insight report of your website loading speed.

It shows a complete matrix about your site speed & which page you need to work & many more.

5) Free WordPress Plugins:

WordPress platform is filled with plugins, which make your blogging journey easier.

All below are the must-have WordPress plugins for you.


RankMath plugin is available in both versions free & paid, but their free version is quite enough for beginner bloggers.


RankMath helps you to optimize your blog post as per SEO requirements.

In short, this plugin helps you to write an SEO-friendly article.


Elementor is basically a page builder, which is also available in both free & paid.

But, its free features are far better than some of the premium page builders’ features.

Elementor helps you to build an attractive & professional-looking homepage for your money-making blog.

Social Snap:

The social snap plugin helps you to drive traffic to your blog with the help of various social platforms.

With the help of these leading WordPress plugins, you or readers can share any article on various social platforms with just a single click.

Akismet Anti-Spam:

Akismet Anti-Spam is the best WordPress plugin to deal with spammers.

It helps you to block spammy comments from your blog.

6) Free Email Marketing Tools:

Email marketing is a need of today’s online business. With the help of this marketing strategy, you can build a strong relationship with your audience.

Email marketing helps you convert your website’s visitors into regular audiences.

Here are some best free email marketing tools you should use for your money-making blog.


MailerLite is a perfect email marketing tool for beginners to automate your online business.

Their free version allows you to generate an email list of up to 1000 subscribers with no email sending limits.



MailChimp is also a great platform to start your first ever email marketing campaign.

Their free version allows you to generate an email list of up to 2000 subscribers and you can send emails up to 12000 per month with this tool.


The free version of SendInBlue email marketing software allows you to add unlimited subscribers to your email list.

The only limit with this free email marketing tool is, you can only send up to 9000 emails per month.

7) Free Traffic Generator Tools:

If you want to make money from blogging then without traffic it won’t be possible.

In the initial days of blogging driving traffic on your website is quite a tougher task, but below free platforms will definitely help you in this.


Quora is the biggest Q&A site, where millions of active users daily search for answers to their various queries.

So, by answering your niche-related question, you can drive massive traffic to your brand new blog from Quora.



Pinterest is a rapidly growing social platform like Facebook & Instagram, where you can pin your images & videos in various categories.

The unique part about this platform is, you can share your article link with every pin.

8) Free Stock Image Sites:

As I mentioned earlier, images are the soul of your blog post, without them, your article won’t look complete.

But, if you copy someones else images & add them to your article then they will give Copywrite strike on your website, which will harm your Google ranking.

So, always use royalty-free images in your article, to get free stock images must check out the below sites.




Wrapping Up:

Spending money in the initial days of blogging doesn’t make sense.

First, you earn some money from blogging & then reinvest it in blogging tools to grow your income.

Till the time, you can blindly trust all the above-mentioned free blogging tools for beginners, because all of them are freemium blogging tools.

Believe me, some of the above free blogging tools give you far better results than paid tools.

So, don’t forget to comment your personal experience with any of the above free blogging resources.

If you like this post & want to appreciate it, then please share it with your friends & family!!!

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