Generatepress Review: Is It The Best WordPress Theme?

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:42 pm

Hey, if you are planning to purchase a Generatepress theme for your website but, before that, you need an honest Generatepress review to make your decision then you are on the perfect spot.

Because here we are going to review the Generatepress theme on the basis of various parameters & features.


I’m personally using the Generatepress premium theme for my various websites for the last some years & on the basis of my personal experience, I’m making this beginner-friendly guide.

Not only me, many of the top-notch bloggers & industry experts are also recommend these best SEO-friendly themes for every beginner.

Generatepress is one of the leading WordPress themes which can really help you to ease your customization work & to do next-level blogging.

So, are you excited to know why Generatepress is the best theme for bloggers? then without wasting much more time, let’s get started.

What is Generatepress?

Let’s start with a basic, Generatepress is the highly popular theme that helps you to give a professional & attractive look to your brand new blog.

This awesome & multipurpose theme is developed by Tom Usborne.

With the help of the Generatepress theme, you can give the best ever user-friendly experience to every reader.

Basically, these theme is available on both versions like free & premium.

The free version is restricted in terms of features as compared to the Generatepress premium theme.

Why GeneratePress premium theme is best?

Generatepress premium theme is loaded with full of advanced customization options, which surely helps you to give a dreamy look to your blog.

Generally, an ideal WordPress theme should have-

  • SEO Optimized
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Light In Weight

The theme, which comes with all the above features is the best WordPress theme for bloggers, Am I right?

But, apart from the above features, the Generatepress premium theme also includes highly advanced 14 modules, which makes your blog customization task much easier.

One more key advantage of having a website with a Generatepress premium theme is its super-fast page loading speed.

Because, in the field of digital marketing or online business, we all know the importance of the page loading speed of a website.

So, grab your Generatepress premium theme now by clicking here & boost your website performance and conversion rate to the next level.

Generatepress Free vs Premium:

As I mentioned earlier that, the Generatepress theme is available for you in both versions like free as well as a premium one.

If you just started out & don’t have enough money to purchase a Generatepress premium theme then the free version is also quite good for you.

But, to give a dreamy look to your website with a free Generatepress theme, you should have enough knowledge of CSS code.

Features of Generatepress free version:

Generatepress free version comes with some basic & effective features, here are some of them:

Mobile Responsive

Custom CSS Options

Light in weight

Basic customization like font editing & typography

Access to 14 modules

Microdata integrated

Features of Generatepress premium version:

Generatepress premium version is filled with full of advanced level

features, which helps you to customize your money-making blog as per your requirement.

The best part about the premium version Generatepress theme is you can build a professional-looking blog without having any coding knowledge.

To activate Generatepress premium, you need to install a plugin called GP Premium with a license key.

We will talk in-depth about that particular step in a later part of this article.

So, before that let’s check out some pro features of the Generatepress premium theme:


Generatepress premium allows you to change the color of almost every element according to your choice.


This module helps you to customize some of the visual aspects. Woocommerce module allows you to add more colors, typography & layout options for your woo-commerce store.


This module helps you to add a background image with various effects for your website’s all possible elements.


This feature helps you to break the page or post according to your content requirement.


To remove the default copyright message of the Generatepress theme, this feature will help you.

Also, this feature allows you to replace the default message with your own slogan or message.


If you apply Generatepress premium theme on your various websites & want to do same changes in the theme setting of your every website.

Then, this feature is bang on for you.

Import/Export feature helps you to manage multiple websites’ theme settings in just some clicks only.


To control the widget’s spacing, size & padding this feature helps you a lot.

Secondary nav:

This feature allows you to add secondary navigation on your blog as similar to primary navigation.

Generatepress pros & cons:

As we all know, every object has its own pros & cons, similarly, here are some pros & cons of Generatepress theme,

Pros of Generatepress theme:

Super fast loading speed

Fully optimized for SEO friendly WordPress blog

Highly advanced customization options

Excellent customer support

Responsive & mobile-friendly theme

Extensive documentation for beginners

WooCommerce integration

Compatible with multiple websites

Compatible with all popular page builders

Cons of Generatepress theme:

Honestly speaking, there is not a single con or disadvantage with a premium Generatepress theme.

But, yes there are some cons with their free version.

Let’s highlight them,

No customer support

Limited features

Generatepress premium theme pricing:

I think, so far you made your decision to purchase a Generatepress premium theme.

So, let’s talk about their pricing.

Generatepress premium theme is not as much costly according to their features & overall performance.

Generatepress Pricing

The premium version of the Generatepress theme has two plans for you, one is on a yearly basis & the other one is for a lifetime.

The yearly plan will cost you $59 per year, whereas for a lifetime access plan you need to spend $249.

How to install Generatepress free & premium theme:

Now, let’s understand how you can install the Generatepress theme for your WordPress blog.

As we all know that Generatepress is available for you in both versions like free & pro.

So, firstly let’s understand how you can install Generatepress free theme step by step:

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step 2 –  Go to appearance>themes

Step 3 – Download and install generate Press Theme

That’s it, now your free Generatepress theme is ready to customize.

Now, let’s understand how you can install the Generatepress premium theme step by step:

In order to utilize the features of the premium Generatepress theme, firstly you need to activate the GP Premium plugin.

So, let’s follow the below steps:

Step 1 – First of all, Click here to purchase the Generatepress premium theme plugin, then you need to download the GP premium plugin zip file.

Step 2 – Now you have to add or upload it to your website so Go to Plugins> Add-new

Step 3– Now upload that zip file that you have recently downloaded.

Step 4 – Once the upload task is complete, Activate the plugin.

Step 5 – Now it’s time to unlock the extra features.

So to do this, Go to appearance>generatepress then you can activate the individual features as you need, otherwise, select all and activate them in bulk order.

Step 6 – Now, the important step, where you need to add your license key to get automatic updates for free. 

To get your license key, just log in to your Generatepress account and locate downloads.

After that, just copy your license key and move further.

Last step – Open your wp-admin dashboard and go to appearance>generatepress.

In the updates section, paste your license key and hit the save button.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed the GP premium theme.

All in one Guide: Docs.Generatepress.Com

If you find any difficulty in installing & customization of Generatepress premium theme then just visit

Where you will get almost every tutorial or guide on Generatepress premium theme in a very simple language.

FAQ’S on Generatepress theme

How many sites can I use GP Premium on?

As per Generatepress official websites, you can use GP Premium on up to 500 websites.
This means, in a single purchase of GP Premium you can customize up to 500 websites.

Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key?

Not at all, once when you purchase the Generatepress premium theme, it remains with your blog for a lifetime.
Renewal is just for the latest updates & supports.
In short, if you don’t renew GP premium, then also it will not affect your site.

Which is the best page builder with GP Premium?

Well, that’s a tricky one, but most of the industry experts & even I also prefer to use Elementor page builder with GP Premium.

Final thoughts on Generatepress theme:

There is no doubt at all that, Generatepress is one of the best WordPress themes to double your conversion rate & traffic.

That is the reason why I always recommend the Generatepress theme to every beginner blogger.

I made this Generatepress review on the basis of my personal experience & after comparing these themes in various aspects.

Therefore, I hope this article will help you to make your decision regarding the Generatepress theme purchase.

So, are you applying these themes to your money-making blog? I’m eagerly waiting for your answers with valid reasons in the below comment box section!!!

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