Best & Top Affiliate Marketers In India To Follow In 2023

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 09:32 pm

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable online money making stuff.

Nowadays, not just in foreign countries but also in India, affiliate marketing helps people to earn thousands of rupees, by sitting at their homes.

I know, after reading the above lines, you are going to be curious to find these top affiliate marketers in India.

Therefore in this article, we are going to uncover some top Indian affiliate marketers, who made a successful careers in affiliate marketing.


As we all know, the beginning is very crucial for every journey.

So, to make your affiliate journey smoother & to boost your confidence,

Top Affiliate Marketers In India:

Here is the list of Top Indian Affiliate Marketers:

Kulwant Nagi:

The man who rules nowadays in Indian affiliate marketing with his hard work & dedication is, Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant Nagi’s journey from network marketer to top affiliate marketers in India is an inspiration for everyone.

He started their blogging career in 2011 but after 7-8 months of hard work suddenly googles banned his Adsense account.

Then, without giving up he restarted his blogging journey, but now it’s with affiliate marketing.

Today, Kulwant Nagi is one of the top affiliate marketers in India, who earn a monthly estimated $15,000 from various affiliate programs.

Ankit Singla:

If you are in the beginner stage of your blogging journey then you, must-visit Ankit Singla’s

This is a one-stop destination for learning & to growing your blogging skill.

Ankit started their blog masterblogging around 2010 & today he reaches an estimated 70k monthly traffic on their blog.

Which helps them to earn more than $10,000 per month. The primary source of Ankit’s income is Affiliate Marketing.

That is the reason why today we are featuring them in the list of top affiliate marketers in India.

Piunika Sharma:

Piunika Sharma’s blog gets so much popularity in a shorter period of time.

She started their blog in 2017 & today her blog receives an estimated 4 million monthly traffic, isn’t it great.

This is happened, just because of her dedication & quality of content.

She earns the majority of her income from various affiliate sources.

Therefore today In the category of technology, Piunika Sharma’s name is considered a top affiliate marketers in India.

Anjali Shah:

If you want to discover some delicious dishes then, Anjali Shah’s is the perfect choice for you.

She is one of the topmost food bloggers in India, who featured on CNN, Healthline & many other prestigious platforms.

Affiliate marketing is the major stream of her income, that is the reason why we kept her on the list of top affiliate marketers in India.

Anjali Shah is a board-certified health coach, therefore she always focuses to share healthy recipes with their users.

Amit Bhawani:

Amit Bhawani is a guy who is well known to many Indians through their blog

He likes to write about various gadgets & technology in their blog.

Phoneradar is the one-stop destination to find an unbiased review of various gadgets & mobile phones.

Today Amit Bhawani manages to earn an estimated $15,000 revenue on a monthly basis.

The majority of his income comes from affiliate marketing.


Whenever we start any new journey, it always seems very difficult to us.

But, when we found some successful people results in the same field, it helps us to move forward more strongly & confidently.

Similarly, to make your affiliate journey smoother, we are introduced to you some top affiliate marketers in India, in the above article.

I hope, it will help you to move forward more courageously & you will also reach a milestone like the above  Indian affiliate marketers.

If you want to know something more regarding this, the comment box section is yours.

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